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Wirtualna Polska – Everything important
Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Maciej Staręga and Kamil Bury qualified for the sprint finals during the Tour de Ski in Oberstdorf. Ultimately, they took places in the third ten. The winner was Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo.

Kamil Bury did very well in qualifying, taking 18th place. Maciej Staręga was thirtieth and advanced to the quarterfinals thanks to a time 0.04 seconds ahead of Norwegian – Didrik Toenseth. Both Poles, unfortunately, were eliminated in the quarter-finals and thanks to their time they took 23rd place (Staręga) and 28th place (Bury). The third Pole, Dominik Bury, who specializes mainly in longer runs, also took a good 44th place.

As many as four Norwegians advanced to the finals and it was the runners from this country who decided the entire race among themselves. The winner was Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo, who defeated the second Erik Valnes by 0.37 seconds.

Women also ran 1.2 km in Oberstdorf, among which the winner was Russian – Natalia Nieprajewa, who defeated Johanna Hagstroem from Sweden and Johanna Matintalo from Finland in the final. This time Polish women did not start.

The results of the women’s sprint:

# Player Region Time
1. Natalia Niepriajewa Russia 2: 36.41 min.
2. Johanna Hagstroem Sweden +0.32 s
3. Johanna Matintalo Finland +0.86 s
4. Anamarija Lampić Slovenia +1.29 s
5. Mathilde Myhrvold Norway +4.22 s
6. Tatiana Sorina Russia +7.53 s

Men’s sprint results:

# Player Region Time
1. Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo Norway 2: 43.77 min.
2. Erik Valnes Norway +0.37 s
3. Paal Golberg Norway +3.35 s
4. Even Northug Norway +3.39 s
5. Calle Halfvarsson Sweden +3.90 s
6. Francesco de Fabiani Italy +11.71 s
23. Maciej Staręga Poland
28. Kamil Bury Poland
44. Dominik Bury Poland

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