Ski Jumping. Disappointing performance of Poles in the competition in Ga-Pa

Ski Jumping. Disappointing performance of Poles in the competition in Ga-Pa
Ski Jumping. Disappointing performance of Poles in the competition in Ga-Pa

Dawid Kubacki was the first Pole to appear in Saturday’s competition. The winner of the 4-Hills-Tournament two years ago faced an extremely difficult challenge, because his rival in the pair was Halvor Egner Granerud. 126 m did not give the Pole a victory in a pair. The same distance was achieved by Paweł Wąsek, who lost to Philipp Aschenwald.

Daiki Ito showed a very good side, unexpectedly achieving a distance of 127.5 m and set the bar high for Kamil Stoch. The Pole had to prove himself, but he did not manage to get a good distance. Just 118 m made Stoch quickly say goodbye to the competition in Ga-Pa.

This result meant that Kamil Stoch would have the worst performance in the 4-Hills-Tournament since the 2009/2010 season. The Poles could not save the competition as successful, because they were only in the top ten of the first series.

The situation was not improved by Andrzej Stękała, although it must be admitted that he was not a favorite in the clash with Killian Peier. The Pole’s 128 m was not the worst result, but it did not win the competition with the Swiss, who has been performing exceptionally well for some time. The rivalry was terrible for the Polish jumpers, because until then none of them managed to qualify for the second round. All subsequent fights ended in defeats of the Polish team.

The situation was somewhat saved by Jakub Wolny, who, despite a shaky landing, achieved 127 m and managed to defeat Manuel Fettner thanks to better notes. Piotr Żyła wanted to improve the mood of Polish fans, who had a very good jump. 135.5 m gave him a sure victory over Felix Hoffmann and a place in the lead of the first series.

In the first series, Ryoyu Kobayashi jumped back. The Japanese jumped 143 m, getting close to the hill record set by Dawid Kubacki. The jumper’s attitude was not appreciated by the judges who did not award him even one “19”, but Kobayashi could be very pleased with himself. Markus Eisenbichler also showed his best with 141 m. The German won a certain promotion and second place in the first series, won by Kobayashi.

In the second series, Jakub Wolny was the first Pole to appear on the beam, and he managed to improve his position even more. 132.5 m was a very decent result and the Pole could have reason to be moderately happy. The next jumpers had big problems with taking the lead, so Jakub Wolny could be sure of a slightly higher position than the one he was in after the first round.

Piotr Żyła was worse than in the first round, landing at 131 meters. It did not allow him to take the lead, and the world champion was not entirely satisfied with himself. Osta

In the end we watched great jumps and Markus Eisenbichler landed just half a meter from the hill record in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The German was in a great mood after landing, which was much better than in the first round, the high marks could not come as a surprise this time. Despite lowering the beam, however, Ryoyu Kobayashi won, although the point difference was only 0.2 points.

The Poles were disappointed, and only Piotr Żyła and Jakub Wolny can be satisfied with themselves. They took 11th and 23rd place respectively in Saturday’s competition.

The leaders of the 4-Hills-Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

  1. Ryoyu Kobayashi –291,2 pkt
  2. Markus Eisenbichler – 291 pts
  3. Lovro Kos – 286 points
  4. Marius Lindvik – 283.7 points
  5. Jan Hoerl – 274.9 points
  6. Yukiya Sato –267,9 pkt
  7. Karl Geiger – 265 pts
  8. Halvor Egner Granerud – 264.2 points
  9. Timi Zajc – 264.1 points
  10. Stephan Leyhe – 263.7 points

Poles’ scoring:

  • Piotr Żyła – 262 points – 11th place
  • Jakub Wolny – 246 points – 23rd place
  • Paweł Wąsek – 118 points – 35th place
  • Andrzej Stękała – 118 points – 35th place
  • Dawid Kubacki – 115.7 points – 39th place
  • Kamil Stoch – 100.5 points – 47th place
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