Ruralists schedule barbecues at Bradesco after video against meat

Ruralists schedule barbecues at Bradesco after video against meat
Ruralists schedule barbecues at Bradesco after video against meat

Entities linked to agribusiness are scheduling barbecues at the doors of Bradesco branches next Monday (3), in protest against a video broadcast on social networks last week, in which influencers recommend reducing meat consumption and associating the practice with a bank app that calculates carbon footprints.

The video, which the bank took from the networks on the 23rd, gives tips on how consumers can take more sustainable attitudes, to reduce their individual impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

In the material, the influencers say that the first attitude that consumers can take is to reduce their consumption of meat, opting for vegetarian dishes once a week – a movement that became known as “Second without Meat”.

“Cattle raising contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases, so how about we reduce our meat consumption and choose a vegetarian dish on Monday?” says one of them.

The video provoked criticism from lawmakers who defend agribusiness agendas, from businessmen in the sector and from entities. The bank, then, released, on the 24th, an open letter to agribusiness, in which it sought to disassociate itself from the content and said that it would take severe internal administrative actions on account of what happened.

“In recent days we have unfortunately seen an inappropriate position of digital influencers in relation to the consumption of beef, associated with our brand. It is important to say that this position does not represent the vision of this house in relation to the consumption of beef”, says the bank’s letter .

In protest, rural unions launched a movement they are calling “Second with Meat”.

The Sindicatc (Rural Union of Cuiabá) scheduled a barbecue at the door of a bank branch in the center of the capital of Mato Grosso. The protest has the support of Acrimat (Association of Breeders of Mato Grosso), Nellore Mato Grosso and ABCZ (Brazilian Association of Breeders of Zebu).

According to Sindcatc, Brazilian agricultural production models use sustainable practices, productive pastures and integrations for raising cattle, which contribute positively to the issue of carbon emissions.

“We cannot admit actions that denigrate the work of Brazilian cattle raising (…) that is why we do not agree with the disinformation propagated by Bradesco”, says Sindcatc, through a statement.

Acrimat, on the other hand, issued a note repudiating both the video and the bank’s stance, “which issued a statement disclaiming any responsibility for what happened and reiterating its confidence and support for the sector.”

“It so happens that Bradesco itself, in one of its applications, also encourages the reduction of animal protein consumption with the excuse of reducing carbon emissions. Well, if we are one of the most important chains for the economy, like Bradesco itself does it work with these two versions?”, asks the entity.

The Rural Union of Araguaína (TO) also scheduled a barbecue in protest against the bank’s video for next Monday, which will take place at the bank’s branch in the city center. “Monday with beef. Bradesco, respect the rancher,” says the ad.

In addition to the protests, companies in the sector say they are no longer customers of the bank. Estância Bahia Leilões, owned by businessman Maurício Cardoso Tonhá, announced on Facebook that it no longer has a Bradesco account after the disclosure of the material, which it considered an “unnecessary attack that works against the sector.”

“Out of respect for Brazilian livestock and outraged by Bradesco’s act of insanity, which violates our more than 40 years of banking relationship, we withdraw 100% of our financial transactions from the institution”, says the businessman, in a statement published on social networks.

On Thursday (30), the bank said it would not comment beyond the open letter released last week. Sought out again this Friday, the institution had not yet commented until the publication of this text.

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