Tragedy four – a car crashed into a train (pictures)

The collision between the car and the train took place on 1 January near the railway crossing on road number 7345 near Tapolca. There are disruptions in train traffic – details here.

According to the National Ambulance Service, three young men and one young woman were killed in the crash at the scene, and a 17-year-old man was taken to hospital in a rescue helicopter with life-threatening injuries.

The mayor of Tapolca wrote on the city’s official community page that the victims were young people from Sümeg and Csabrendek. He offered the help of the municipality of Tapolca to their families, about which he also informed the mayor of the two settlements. Due to the tragedy, he declares January 2 a day of mourning and initiates the installation of a barrier at the railway crossing at MÁV, because several accidents have already occurred there.

MTI / György Varga
Tapolca, January 1, 2022. A car crashed in a collision near the railway crossing on road number 7345 near Tapolca on January 1, 2022. The car collided with a train. Four people died in the car and suffered a life-threatening injury. MTI / György Varga
MTI / György Varga

The National Directorate General for Disaster Management reported that the accident involved professional firefighters from Badacsonytomaj, volunteers from Tapolca and volunteers from Tapolca, who, in addition to technical rescue, also helped transport passengers on the train.

Opening picture: MTI / György Varga


Tragedy car crashed train pictures

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