The big race is over: this carp became the Fish of the Year in 2022

The big race is over: this carp became the Fish of the Year in 2022
The big race is over: this carp became the Fish of the Year in 2022
Saturday, January 1, 2022, 3:30 p.m.

We have the fish of the year 2022. The competition, organized by the Hungarian Society of Haltology, ended at noon on 31 December, with a total of 4,155 votes received for the three candidates. According to the counting of votes, the winner became the bodorka with a towering height, collecting more than half of the votes, but for the second place a fierce struggle developed between the owl bream and the wide binoculars.

It was revealed which gilled animal could take home the title of Fish of the Year in 2022: it was possible to vote for the given three candidates in the competition organized by the Hungarian Malt Society until the last day of 2021. The Company’s website finally received 4,155 votes, which resulted in the following final result: in the third place, the owl bream, which characterizes the mullet zone of the larger rivers and the stronger sections of the brook zone, finished with 20% of the votes. The protected broad binoculars, which live only in the water system of the Danube, Dnieper and Transnistria, have already been voted on by 25% of voters, making it the second in a huge fight. The first place, with perfect confidence and an absolute majority of 55%, is very common in the waters of Hungary, and for this reason it is known to many.

Bodorka (Source: Hungarian Haltani Society / Zoltán Sallai)

The carp is not a large carp, but it is a widespread carp. The floats on the bottom are mostly reddish-red in color, so they are often confused with the red-winged bream. This is also due to the fact that the eye rings of both species are mostly orange. However, the dorsal fin of the red-winged bream begins much further back than that of its bellows, which makes it certainly distinguishable.

The food of the beetle consists mainly of smaller invertebrates, worms, lower crustaceans and molluscs. It prefers calm, aquatic habitats, so it is also common in smaller and larger canals. It is also found in smaller numbers in the devil’s zone of the rivers, but here it is usually less colorful, so the Tisza specimens, for example, have been called pale bream by fishermen. When soured, rolled in paprika flour and fried well, the taste is excellent.

(The cover image used in this article is from the Wikimedia Commons.)


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