Men stabbed during New Year’s Eve in Copacabana and taken to hospitals have already been discharged, says Health Department

RIO — The Municipal Health Department of Rio (SMS-Rio) reported this Saturday morning that the two stabbed people taken to the municipal hospitals Souza Aguiar and Miguel Couto, in the Center and in Gávea, respectively, received the indicated care and have already were discharged. In total, four people who were in Copacabana on New Year’s Eve were stabbed, according to the city of Rio. The two patients arrived at the service stations installed on the waterfront around midnight. The other two had minor injuries and were released on Friday night.

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One of the victims was a young man who was injured after reacting by defending his mother, who had been robbed. With light cuts, he refused service. Another victim was a Colombian woman who was stabbed in the face after criminals stole her. The woman was the target of bandits who were trawling on the beach. City Public Order Secretary Brenno Carnevale reported that one of the injured was involved in a fight and ended up being beaten.

“I don’t have details of the occurrences of the stab wounds.” But one of the victims was hit in a brawl around turning time. Between yesterday and today we made more than 20 visits to the police station. We arrested a suspect who used a knife to assault a couple. Unfortunately, these episodes occurred. Sorry for the stabbed people. Even with the limitation, the balance was positive – Brenno said, overnight.

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The secretary stated that “within the scenario found, the balance was positive” and New Year’s Eve was like “a sunny Sunday in Arpoador”.

— We made a lot of approaches, a lot of single teenagers came to steal. But, within the scenario, I would say that we live as if it were a sunny Sunday in the harpooner. I believe we curb many crimes.

The balance of the secretariat informs that, in the three medical posts, from 5:30 pm on the 31st to 3:30 am on January 1st, 111 people were assisted. Most of them suffered minor traumas (beats, cuts, etc.) or got sick due to excessive alcohol consumption. Eleven patients with more severe conditions had to be transferred to hospitals or UPAs in the network, including men with wounds caused by stabs.

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Police arrest at least three people in Copacabana

At least three people were arrested during New Year’s Eve in Copacabana. Two men were arrested in the act after a trawl that began during the fireworks display at post 4 on the edge. In the event, a pistol and seven cell phones were seized by military police. The case was registered in the 14th DP (Leblon).

At the same police station, PMs took a man arrested in the act of assault and suspected of robbery. The prisoner would have taken the backpack of a person who was feeling sick on the boardwalk. A man saw it, interfered and was punched in the mouth. The victim of aggression was at the police station and was referred to the IML for a criminal body exam.

In the 12th DP (Copacabana), Civil Police agents did not respond about the number of incidents and records made during the night.

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