“Millions of euros are gone!”

“Millions of euros are gone!”
“Millions of euros are gone!”
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FIFA agent, who she also boasts of her figure enviable, he claims that during their marriage, a very large sum of money disappeared from the family’s accounts.

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The divorce process between Anamaria Prodan and Laurențiu Reghecampf has the first deadline set for next month, on February 7th.

Anamaria Prodan, new accusations against Reghecampf: “Sign with his hand!”

Anamaria Prodan claims that the coach of the University of Craiova has made a lot of money since she arrived at FCSB exclusively because of her.

“Yes, money has disappeared from family accounts in recent years. It’s millions of euros, yes! ”Said Prodan.

Asked specifically what she has to share with Reghecampf, Anamaria replied: “But do you know how many times I sat and waited for him to go to the notary? But she kept crying every time, apologizing.

After my mother died, I tried to see what my mother had. Such a file over these 16 years … millions of euros lent to Laurentiu … he signed with his hand. I cried … it should give me life.

His life … gratitude. Let me make it No. 1. Unfortunately. I realized he couldn’t. He stumbles and goes to his knees …

My children and I understood that, in fact, you make your life beautiful, no one else, no husband, if you are a strong woman and you know that you can make your money … We, who are at home today, have overcome this thing, let’s see what the world says “, Anamaria Prodan told Realitatea Plus in an interview.

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