Qatar World Cup may run out of top scorers and traditional teams – Sports

Qatar World Cup may run out of top scorers and traditional teams – Sports
Qatar World Cup may run out of top scorers and traditional teams – Sports

The countdown has already started. Less than a year to go Qatar World Cup, which will start in November 2022. The main competition between teams on the planet is approaching and the art-soccer lover is twisting his fingers not to lose more offensive stars to applaud in the fields of the Arab world. Goalkeepers like the Bosnian Dzeko, the Norwegian Haaland and the Gabonese Aubameyang are now officially out of competition and athletes of the carat of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic, Immobile, Gareth Bale, Schick, Luis Suarez, Mohamed Salah e healthy mane they run the risk of being absent. As we will only have Italy Where Portugal.

With Europe’s repechage drawn for the beginning of next year (March 24th and 29th), it is already known that four-time world champions Italy or Portugal will be on the way. The last two European Cup champions are in the same bracket and would face each other in a possible decision for the only place in Group C. That if they go through Northern Macedonia and Turkey, respectively.

It would be the second year in a row that the current European champions were absent, much to Immobile’s dismay. The owner of last season’s “golden boot” award in Italian football, with 36 goals for Lazio, dreams of playing a Cup as a starter for the country after being in reserve in 2014 in Brazil.

“We need as much peace as possible until March. We’ll regain our strength and qualify for the World Cup, I’m confident,” says Roberto Mancini, commander of the Italian squad that lifted the Euro Cup in the middle of the year, beating hosts England in the final at Wembley.

with the argentinian Messi and the brazilian Neymar guaranteed, a big absence in Qatar would be of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star could do nothing in the 2-1 comeback that would guarantee a direct spot and now promises to do everything in the repechage to possibly compete in his last Cup.

“Football has shown us many times that it is the most winding paths that lead us to the most desired outcomes. The result was tough (losing the direct berth to Serbia), but not enough to put us down. The 2022 World Cup is still very much alive and we know what we have to do to get there. No excuses. Portugal heading to Qatar”, the Manchester United star shows confidence.

Making another incredible season, with many balls in the opposing nets, the Polish Lewandowski can make a knockout of goalscorers with the Swede Ibrahimovic, in Group B of the repechage. Poland takes little favoritism against Russia, while Sweden arrives as an unknown quantity against the Czech Republic of Schick, highlighted in the Euro Cup. Passing the semifinals, we would have a clash of 9 shirts. One will be on the way.

The Bayern Munich player wants to redeem himself from the vexatious campaign of Poland at the 2018 World Cup, in Russia, in which he did not score any goal in the team’s early fall.

Another big name in European football in the repechage is Welsh Gareth Bale. The striker who makes history at Real Madrid would like to say goodbye to the pitch playing another Cup and, for that, he will have to be decisive against Austria, in the repechage, and then against the winners of Scotland and Ukraine.

“It would be amazing to play the World Cup, my dream. We have to give our all for our country as this could be the last time our generation has the opportunity to qualify for a World Cup. It’s very important for us and we want to try take this chance,” emphasizes the 32-year-old.

With four rounds left to finish the South American Qualifiers, the Uruguay is the big disappointment so far. With four direct spots and one in the repechage, the heavenly team would be eliminated today, appearing in the seventh position. Experienced star of the team, Suárez, also 32 years old, still believes in the classification and hopes to come back on top of the country in the final stretch.

“My goal is to reach (the Cup), but as long as I feel capable of helping the national team and not be a hindrance”, he says. “The will will always exist, but what really matters is that it is at a high level to do it,” he adds, admitting that his and the national team’s performance is not what was expected and cost until coach Óscar Tabárez was fired.

Between January and February we will have the African Cup of Nations. Only later will Egypt, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria and Cameroon define the continent’s five vacancies. A draw will define the five knockout matches.

Liverpool Companions the Egyptian Mohammed Salah and the senegalese healthy mane they will be in separate pots, which can put them face to face in the fight for a spot. THE Egypt, in pot 2, is the one who runs the most risks, as he will have one of the African powers along the way. in addition to the Senegal, may face Nigeria, Tunisia, Cameroon or Algeria.

Aubameyang could be in contention, but the Gabon team is very weak and missed the path. The only African to win the Ballon d’Or, in 1995, George Weah was a born goalscorer and an idol for Milan who did not have the pleasure of playing in a World Cup. It didn’t even come close, as Liberia, his country of birth, also never had a team in a position to fight for a place.

Just as Aubameyang has hardly achieved or will accomplish such a feat. In the case of the 32-year-old Arsenal top scorer, the fact is not simply because he plays for Gabon, but the choice he made to defend the colors of his father’s country, François Aubame Eyang.

Aubameyang was born in France, is the son of a Spanish woman and had the chance to become an Italian citizen. He gave up all the European powers to fulfill his François dream. He will see the Cup on TV, just as other great strikers are at risk, which would leave the competition in Qatar a little more lacking in scorers.

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