How much does the pension point increase and how much money will the pensioners receive in addition. Interview with the head of the National Pension House

What does the new coupon that retirees will receive in January, with the increased amounts, contain?

It is about GEO 125, published on December 15, through which the approximately 5 million retirees from the public system will benefit from an increase of 10%, respectively the value of the pension point from 1,442 increased to 1,586 lei.

We are talking about contributory pensions from the public system.

In addition to the 10% increase, the social allowance for pensioners is also increased by 25%, so that the allowance, which in December was 800 lei, starting with January 1, will increase to 1000 lei.

In January, in addition to the 10% increase, there is also a financial aid included in GEO 132 published on December 17, 2021, which is addressed to pensioners with pensions of up to 1600 lei.

Premiere: What the new pension vouchers from January 1 look like

The increase is ensured after the value of the pension point has increased to 1,586 lei. In January, everyone should receive 2,200 and it is called financial aid provided in GEO 132 of 2021.

Example: The coupon is for January 2022, the value of the pension point is updated respectively 1,586 lei. On the contributivity results the amount of the pension which is here 1,427, by difference it receives another 773, so as to be the final amount is 2200 lei.

Example of calculating a compensated pension

A pensioner from Satu Mare who accumulated a no. of 0.52171 points, updated to 1586, results in 828 lei, to which 172 lei are added in order to reach the minimum social allowance of 1000 lei, to which the social aid of 1200 lei is added, so that it will receive 2200 lei.

These coupons are the ones that are sent to the Post Office, the same thing happens with the purple coupon for pensioners who benefit from payment by bank account, by card.

When late pensions will be delivered

We worked in two shifts so that the 5 million pension coupons would be printed in time to be handed over to the Romanian Post. We are on time, we have a clear schedule that we have through an agreement stipulated with the Post Office, so we have to make sure that everything is in order and the coupons will be given in due course postmen.

There are some preliminary operations that were done for the previous month, but being a new year we could not do them in December because we are not allowed by the accounting law.

There is a clear calendar that we have with the Post Office, then they schedule this money on the streets, in alphabetical order, so that the distribution of the amounts is completed by the 15th.

There are over 2 million retirees for payment by post and you cannot pay 2 million pensions in 2 days. It is a chart that my colleagues at the Post Office have and I am convinced that we will all make an effort to get the money faster.

Recalculating pensions is an ongoing process. All pensions will increase

People will receive the increases at the beginning of the year.

Recalculation is a longer process, not overnight.

Before the recalculation we have to evaluate all the pension files, this process is also provided in Law 127, my colleagues work hard in the territory, 1000 people have been hired so that this process can be done within a reasonable time. At the end of next year, we must finish the process, so that once the normative act appears, we will be ready for the recalculation of pensions.

We have evaluated 1.5 million cases and we need to close the gap next year.
It is very important to have a legal basis. Once we have the law, we can start the recalculation if we have the 5 million files recalculated, digitized at any time, we can recalculate if the document is published in the Official Gazette.

Following the recalculation, no pension will be deducted, even if a lower amount will come out of the recalculation, the principle is clear – for the pensioner to remain with the most advantageous amount! Regardless of the calculation formula, pensions will increase, that’s for sure.

How to benefit from the electronic pension voucher and other digitized services

Law 270 states that only at the request of the beneficiaries by written agreement will the pension slip be sent electronically. At the moment we have received requests and we have processed them and we are trying to send them electronically in January.
– leave an email address where we send the coupon
– the application is submitted to the Pension Houses in the area where each pensioner has his domicile.

We have an ambitious project sheet and significant sums of money given to the digitization pension fund, but we try to provide many of the services electronically. Many of the works we currently do on paper can also be transmitted electronically. To increase the share and expand the services we offer to retirees in electronic format.

It is an ambitious goal that at the end of PNRR we manage to achieve, we have this goal that we want to achieve
This is the portal of the Pension House, where you can log in with your username and password, there is information of strict necessity, but you can also submit documents to the institution to be solved without going to the counters.

These are the contribution internships, from April 1 we have this already digitized, so that any beneficiary who logs in will see their contribution internships completed after 2001 until now. This is happening, but we want to expand and diversify them with as many services as possible.

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