“Then it will be time to make a move”

“Then it will be time to make a move”
“Then it will be time to make a move”

GSP Article – Posted Saturday, 01 January 2022, 15:41 / Updated Saturday, 01 January 2022 15:41

Entered in the last 6 months with FC Botoșani, Marius Croitoru (43 years old), the coach of the Moldovans, revealed the plans he has for next season

After making Botoșani one of the most spectacular teams in League 1, Croitoru reveals that he is in negotiations with Botoșani to extend the contract for another 2 seasons, until 2024, but he will also take into account any offers from abroad.


He is ready to give up the team: “We lost 7-8 million euros”

“I am in talks with Botosani. It’s a contract they put in, we’re discussing it, there are still certain clauses and I honestly don’t know what to say at the moment, because I also need certain documents to be able to take a step forward, I mean the PRO license.

I’m not afraid of anyone and I could take a step forward, but I think that at this moment I could stay in Botosani. Probably if a good offer will come from abroad I will think, but at the moment the first thing I take into account is Botosani“, Marius Croitrou declared according to Telekom Sport.

Marius Croitoru: “At some point I want to step into a traditional Romanian team”

The coach also talked about the possibility of coaching other teams in League 1, Croitoru revealing that there are 2 traditional teams that he would like to coach in the future, without naming them.

“Yes, there are two traditional teams that I would like to coach. I wouldn’t want to give a name, I wouldn’t want to be interpreted, but at some point I want, like any young coach, to step into a traditional team from Romania.

But for now I’m in Botosani, I have a contract until the summer, there is a large possibility to sign with Botosani for two years. After these two years … I want to remain the longest-lived coach in Romania, it means that I will finish five years, probably then it will be time to make a move. All in their time “, added Marius Croitoru.

Marius is at least 2 years old. I have a 2-year contract with him. I believe that healthy projects are long-term and you need time, patience. I want him to stay with us, I read his philosophy. I signed a contract, it’s true that the results are for the coaches, but I’m not so desperate to set fire to our suitcase after a result.

I guarantee him another 2 years in Botoșani, to see how much he can. At some point, if he performs in Botosani, he will receive an irrefutable offer
-Valeriu Iftime, president of FC Botoșani the Digisport

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