Mario Sergio Conti says that Moro is the “Suitcase of the Year”

Mario Sergio Conti says that Moro is the “Suitcase of the Year”
Mario Sergio Conti says that Moro is the “Suitcase of the Year”
Mario Sergio Conti and Sérgio Moro. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Journalist Mario Sergio Conti has already given an award to former judge Sergio Moro in his first column of 2022 in Folha de S.Paulo. But he didn’t forget about Bolsonaro.


1 – How and when began Moro’s journey towards the title of worst Brazilian in 2021

2 – Father Júlio is the Man of the Year because he acts alone, without asking anyone for help

3 – In live on DCM TV, Genoino beats the PT’s runner-up and defends Dilma: ‘Inacceptable’

Or what did Mario Sergio Conti say?

He starts the column:

“The journalist from Rio de Janeiro Artur Xexéo, who died in June, published a list of the bags of the year on New Year’s Eve. As it was in the entertainment area, it put celebrities without a handle, stars without wheels, hams with fanny packs, influencers with a backpack full of lead, Botox aunts in the bottle”.

Develop the argument:

“Luciano Huck. It leaked for the 43rd time that it would dispute the Planalto. He made the usual foam: he took a friend with FHC, set up a fake study group, wrote bullshit about national problems. He gave up, but is considering running for manager.

Datena. In a table with Huck, he swayed, shimmied, simulated an injury, joined a party from which he left right away. He is a good interviewer who insists on presenting the most atrocious police show on TV. If it’s to go down, having him in politics is a minor evil.

Michel. Well by the way, she dressed up as a clown. And Snow White, although it’s more like the Evil Queen. Posed jumping small and moaning hairy things. Safa, you got away from the question that doesn’t want to be silenced: what kind of jumps did you take to get Queiroz to put 89 thousand pixules on your account?”

And concludes:

“Sergio Moro. As Bolsonaro is hors-concours, the title of Suitcase of the Year goes to the greatest jurist in Maringá. No one has ever run as a candidate with such a bang and fiasco — and it turns out that Silvio Santos has already gone on a mad ride to the Plateau. Moro showed that he doesn’t have ideas, proposals, imagination, charisma. Like a parrot, he repeats that only he can kill the dragon of the robbery and save Brazil. But, responsible for the bankruptcy of Lava Jato and for the triumph of the “Pocketnarista” mud, he himself is living proof that udenism is pure deception”.

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