“It’s the year of riots! Romanians are tolerant, but to a point”

“It’s the year of riots! Romanians are tolerant, but to a point”
“It’s the year of riots! Romanians are tolerant, but to a point”

We will have a complex, complicated year, with all sorts of trials, better or worse, but overall, the karmic axis will be in Taurus and Scorpio.

As the years go by we have a retrograde Venus, a very rare aspect, I was really glad that in 2021, throughout it, I did not have a retrograde Venus. Venus is the planet of love, therefore, the beginning of the year brings us retrograde Venus.

We have in Gemini and Sagittarius, until spring at least, the opposition White Moon – Black Moon. The White Moon deals with good health, the Black Moon is the exact opposite, so it comes with Scottish showers. We also have opposition Black Moon – Mars, at the beginning of the year until spring.

Mars is considered the god of war, Lilith is considered evil, so the beginning of the year has such a passing aspect, but in April-May, we will have some boundaries.

There are also positive aspects because in 2022, on the one hand, we have the dragon’s head, the karmic axis in Taurus, and it tells us that those who are serious, hardworking, know how to beat the horns forward, providentially, know how to harness the cart, robust. Taurus patronizes the financial, economic part. It can even lead to loss of money and property.

Romania’s Astrogram for 2022, with Mariana Cojocaru

On the map of Romania, we have several aspects. By spring, the Black Moon in Gemini may warn us about certain things. And he could even put his back on our ribs when he gets into Cancer because certain decisions can be imposed on us.

Romanians don’t like to be forced to do things. We will have at the beginning of the year, on the astrogram, a Saturn conjunct with the Sun and Chiron in Aquarius, because Romania is in the sign of Aquarius and it is said that in 2022 we will look for ways to heal both literally and figuratively. Here, too, I am referring to the epidemiological situation, and to the economic and socio-political situation.

Saturn is a disciplinarian in this sense and can be constraining, but it supports the serious and the fighting, who really know what they want from life and especially the people who are over 40 years old, specialists, experts.

Saturn is an old planet that indicates that you have reached maturity, that you need to have experience in a field, only those can perform. But as in our society there are all kinds of anomalies, here we will position ourselves exactly in the area where, thanks to the astrogram, I can support a certain blanket of society, and in favored reality to be the other.

Saturn is generally constraining. Young people who do not have much experience will not feel too comfortable and that is why many can go abroad.

Compared to 2021, the year 2022 comes with fixed axis aspects, so from this point of view, tougher, sharper measures will be taken. It also has a good part, unseen, compared to 2021 when the karmic axis was in Gemini and Sagittarius.

If you work two or three times more you can get good results from your good years.

The world will be agitated and I am referring here to the fact that we have an Uranus in Taurus and when there is a resonance and conjunction between the positive karma of Taurus and Uranus, who is the patron of Aquarius, that is the patron of Romania, street tensions will begin. People can go out and flutter their bills in the street because their knife can get to the bone and they don’t understand anything.

If I were to call him, I would call him the year of the riots. Romanians are as gentle as possible, tolerant, but up to a point. If you are revolted at home and even if you do not go out into the street, that revolt and the thought will later turn into action.

But those who lead our destinies gather their karma.

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