Cases that give doctors a hard time on the first day of the year. “He drank a liter of brandy in 5 minutes, ‘to straighten up.'”

The night between the years was hectic for the crews of the Olt Ambulance Service. The good news is that despite the “arsenal of war” that was used on New Year’s Eve, there were no calls for medical help in the county following the use of pyrotechnic objects.

Dozens of people, on the other hand, needed care because of overeating. However, alcohol consumption posed even greater problems.

“I had many calls during the night, but even now. I took a man in an alcoholic coma right from home in Slatina right now (Saturday, January 1, 2022, around noon). He didn’t move, he had no reaction. He had drunk a liter of brandy, he was already drunk last night, but now, to be fair, he drank a liter of brandy in 5-10 minutes. He drank it like water, to recover. The 48-year-old man called his brother for help, “said SJA Olt.

However, the case is not unique. Doctors draw attention to the health hazards of excessive alcohol consumption. Unless alcohol consumption itself leads to death in all cases, it is not uncommon for a drunkard to drown while sleeping with his own vomit, drowning.

Doctors also draw attention to ways to get rid of hangover symptoms. It is recommended to consume water for hydration, as well as to eat fruit, and citrus fruits are a good choice, with the same effect. Cabbage juice, however, can complicate things by raising blood pressure due to its high salt content, so it should be avoided.

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