Nearly 1,500 new COVID infections on the first day of the year and 26 deaths in the last 24 hours

To date, on January 1, 1,810,342 cases of infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) have been registered in Romania, of which 11,370 are from re-infected patients, tested positive for more than 180 days after the first one. infection.

1,739,999 patients were reported cured.

In the last 24 hours, 1,451 new cases of people infected with SARS – CoV – 2 (COVID – 19) were recorded, of which 29 were from reinfected patients, tested positive for more than 180 days after the first infection. .

Apart from the newly confirmed cases, after retesting the patients who were already positive, 194 people were reconfirmed positively.

To date, 58,779 people diagnosed with SARS – CoV – 2 infection have died.

Between 31.12.2021 (10:00) – 01.01.2022 (10:00) were reported by the INSP 27 deaths (11 men and 16 women), one of which before the reference interval, of some patients infected with the new coronavirus, hospitalized in Alba, Argeş, Arad, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Buzău, Constanţa, Gorj, Harghita, Ialomiţa, Maramureş, Mureş, Neamţ, Satu Mare and Bucharest.

Of the 27 deaths, 1 was recorded in the age group 40-49 years, 3 in the age category 50-59 years, 4 in the age category 60-69 years, 9 in the age category 70-79 years and 10 in the age group over 80 years.

26 of the registered deaths were of patients who had comorbidities, and for 1 patient no comorbidities have been reported so far.

A death was reported prior to the reference interval, registered in December 2021, in Bucharest.

Of the 27 patients who died, 21 were unvaccinated and 6 were vaccinated. The 6 vaccinated patients who died were between the ages of 50-59 and over 80 years old. All vaccinated patients who died had comorbidities.

In the specialized health units, the total number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 is 2,247. Of these, 395 are hospitalized at ATI. Of the 395 patients admitted to the ICU, 32 had a certificate attesting to the vaccination.

Out of the total number of hospitalized patients, 47 are minors, 40 being hospitalized in wards and 7 in ATI.

To date, 11,062,683 RT-PCR tests and 6,050,189 rapid antigen tests have been processed nationwide. In the last 24 hours, 10,632 RT-PCR tests were performed (3,673 based on case definition and medical protocol and 6,959 on request) and 15,265 rapid antigen tests.

In Romania, 9,041 people confirmed with the new coronavirus infection are in isolation at home, and 2,486 people are in institutional isolation. Also, 79,847 people are in quarantine at home, and 63 people are in institutionalized quarantine.

In the last 24 hours, 1,034 calls were registered to the unique emergency number 112 and 205 on the TELVERDE line (0800 800 358), open especially for informing citizens.

As a result of the violation of the provisions of Law no. 55/2020 regarding some measures for preventing and combating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, on December 31, the police and gendarmes applied 562 sanctions for minor offenses, amounting to 271,650 lei.

Also, through the competent structures of the Police, 5 criminal files were drawn up yesterday to thwart the fight against diseases, a deed provided and punished by art. 352 Penal Code.

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