Cruel news for all drivers in Romania! It happened on January 1 – Capital

Cruel news for all drivers in Romania! It happened on January 1 – Capital
Cruel news for all drivers in Romania! It happened on January 1 – Capital

How much did the price of fuel rise on the first day of the year? Gasoline and diesel have become more expensive

Excise duties on fuel are adjusted at the beginning of each year, according to the Fiscal Code. For this reason, fuels have become more expensive since January 1, 2022.

So, a liter of diesel is 6 euros more without VAT, that is, 7 euros with VAT.

At the same time, a liter of gasoline will increase by 6.5 bani without VAT, ie by 7.7 bani with VAT.

That means an additional cost of about 3.5 lei, when we talk about refueling a car with a 50 liter tank.

It is mandatory for all drivers!

In other words, we must not forget that drivers are required to equip their cars properly for road conditions, especially in the cold season. Thus, those who did not install the winter tires risk stinging fines, according to the law.

Winter tires are specially made to prevent skidding of vehicles or transport vehicles when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius.

We have to be very careful, because the risk of accidents increases in the cold season, due to the fact that the braking distance increases considerably and the grip decreases.

Thus, it is forbidden to drive vehicles on public roads covered with snow, ice or frost, without them being equipped with winter tires, according to OG 5 2011.

The contravention is classified in the fourth class and thus, if this rule is not observed, the driver risks receiving between 9 and 20 points fine, respectively between 1,305 lei and 2,900 lei.

The Traffic Police may also retain the registration certificate or its replacement proof. Please note that the prices of winter tire sets vary depending on the size and brand.

We remind you that the draft law that can amend the Road Code 2022 provides that public roads in our country to be monitored video by the Romanian Police, so that drivers’ contraventions are automatically detected in order to quickly apply sanctions for non-compliance with traffic rules.

“Detection devices are primarily located on roads with a high rate of road accidents based on risk analysis. The detection indicators of the presence of the detection device shall be installed before the place of disposal of the detection device, at a maximum distance of 50 m in localities, between 100 m and 250 m outside the localities, respectively between 500 m and 1,000 m on motorways and express roads.

When the conditions in the field require the placement at a greater distance, an additional panel is installed under the indicator “The distance between the indicator and the place of disposal of the detection device”, writes in the bill adopted by the Senate.

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