Scientists experimenting with hamsters and alcohol have been stunned: these beasts “lift” incredible amounts of intoxicants

If you have a hamster, don’t experiment with your pet. The water is great for him and you just shouldn’t try to offer him alcohol for your own entertainment.

But Tom Lawton, a medical scientist and researcher, revealed in a Twitter account that he learned from a conversation with microbiologist Christine Peters that hamsters really like alcohol. And it is very well tolerated.

It turns out having the option to choose between water and 15 percent. ethanol, the hamster will usually choose intoxicants. And if no one stops drinking a hamster, he will drink a lot of alcohol during the day. Well, in relative terms, if a hamster were the size of an adult, he would empty 21 bottles of wine a day. Or more. Hamsters tolerate alcohol better than humans and can consume the amount of alcohol based on their body weight that would be dangerous to humans.


What makes this interesting for scientists? Researchers often use animal models to study treatments for alcoholism or alcohol-related harm. Rats were once used in the 1960s, but they had to be persuaded to drink alcohol. They have even been genetically modified to make them addicted to alcohol. Meanwhile, the hamsters do not need to be persuaded – you will not even be able to wish health, and the hamster will have already covered the alcohol tap.



Why? Well, scientists speculate that hamsters are looking for a higher-calorie drink. Or maybe they like the taste. In any case, having free choice, hamsters 88 percent. replaces 15% of your daily fluids. ethanol.

And yes, the hamsters are known to get drunk. However, scientists observing their fluctuations and movements say that alcohol intoxicates hamsters much less than they should, given the tiny hamster bodies.



Scientists experimenting hamsters alcohol stunned beasts lift incredible amounts intoxicants

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