Warsaw. The firecracker crashed onto the balcony. The apartment burned down

Fireworks started fires in three places. The owners of the apartment in Gocław at ul. Yugoslav.

“Thank you to the person who burnt our apartment down”

A firecracker fell on their balcony, which someone fired on the sidewalk under the block. The place has been destroyed. The owner is looking for those responsible for this event.

VIDEO: Warsaw. The firecracker crashed onto the balcony. The apartment burned down

“Thank you to the person who burned our apartment down. I’m looking for people who saw who fired this firecracker” – wrote the owner of the destroyed apartment in Gocław on Facebook. He also posted photos and a video showing a burnt balcony and sooty walls in the apartment.

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The balcony window was also damaged. The apartment was on the fifth floor of a multi-story block of flats.

– We were in Ożarów for a dinner with friends. We are on the Facebook group and we saw our apartment on fire, we arrived quickly, the fire was already there, it was just going out – said Paweł Dworakowski, one of the tenants of the destroyed apartment. – The door is broken, because the guards did not know if anyone was here or not – added Marek Dworakowski, who lived in the premises.

He also noted: “some of the things that could be saved, we took today, I don’t know what to do next”.

VIDEO: Apartment destroyed after a fire by firecrackers

As reported by asp. staff. Łukasz Płaskociński from the Warsaw State Fire Service “there was a balcony fire in Gocław. The same situation took place in Targówek. In Białołęka there was a shed in front of the building and a gas tank for heating”. “The police are explaining the causes of the fires,” he added.

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Warsaw firecracker crashed balcony apartment burned

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