Extraordinary pension increase in 2022? – Portfolio.hu

Extraordinary pension increase in 2022? – Portfolio.hu
Extraordinary pension increase in 2022? – Portfolio.hu

A retirement age She will grow to 65 years from January 1, 2022. Thus, next year, people born between 1 January and 31 December 1957 will reach retirement age. In 2022, of course, anyone who has previously fulfilled its conditions can claim his pension at any time, the expert writes.

We also mentioned this in a separate article:

András Farkas also reminds that discounted pension for women its conditions will not change in 2022 either. THE determination of pension points out, in connection with the calculation of the amount of pensions to be determined between 1 January and 31 December 2022, that new valorisation coefficients must be applied, on which a government decree will be published in March 2022. These multipliers are expected to be at least 8.5% higher than the valorisation multipliers used in 2021.

Pension increase and 13th month pension

From 1 January 2022 a pensions (and two dozen other benefits) Raised by 5 percent. András Farkas mentions two more important things about this year’s pension increase and its prospects.

  1. If the annual rate of inflation estimated from actual inflation data measured in January-August 2022 (according to either the general or the retired consumer basket) exceeds 5%, then in November 2022, if the annual inflation estimated on the basis of actual data would exceed 6%, – an additional pension increase or, if the annual inflation estimated on the basis of actual data exceeds 5% but does not exceed 6%, a lump sum compensation may be granted.
  2. A further extraordinary mid-year increase may be required if the economic or political situation so requires, as evidenced by the extraordinary supplementary pension increase in June 2021.

That is, it does not rule out that there will be another extraordinary step for retirees during the year.

It is memorable that the government will increase pensions by 5% compared to the 3% originally planned, but expects inflation to be 4.8% this year, while the MNB expects price increases of 4.7-5.1%. calculates at a pace.

Together with the pension of February 2022, an additional benefit equal to 100% of the pension (or other qualifying benefits) of January 2022, already increased by 5%, will be transferred. As a 13th monthly pension or as a 13-month benefit.

In 2022 it is very likely that pension premium payment, the law requires the government to do so in November. The government’s updated expectation that GDP growth could exceed 3.5% this year as well, 5.9%. Based on this, the amount of the highest pension premium in 2022 may look like this: 20 thousand forints (maximum) multiplied by 2.4 (calculated from the difference of 5.9-3.5) will amount to 48 thousand forints.

More details can be found in András Farkas’s article published on the Pension Guru News portal.

Pension expert András Farkas spoke about the balance of the pension fund in a podcast published by Portfolio last week.

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