Noblat: Bolsonaro may abdicate from re-election

Noblat: Bolsonaro may abdicate from re-election
Noblat: Bolsonaro may abdicate from re-election

“He has another three or four months to go to decide his fate”, bets the journalist edit

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By Ricardo Noblat, at Metropolis portal – With a sullen face and a speech aimed solely at his faithful devotees, President Jair Bolsonaro introduced himself to Brazilians on the last day of 2021 to wish them a happy new year.

The occasion asked him to show compassion for the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic and to awaken in his family the hope for better days, but that was not what happened.

Bolsonaro was tense and irritated. He declared his recent version of Jairzinho paz e amor exhausted and reconciled with the other one that always suited him very well – that of the troublemaker president.

Not good cases, but bad ones. The president is a crisis maker who doesn’t know how to live in relative peace. If the model actually served its purpose, it could do well in the end.

But that’s not what it seems, according to all opinion polls. The exercise of power requires the delicate and painful construction of majorities without which nothing is possible.

If he is unable to expand the contingent of those who still support him, where does Bolsonaro think he will go? Part of his followers, convinced that he will not be reelected, will let him go.

The impression is growing among his allies inside and outside the government that he is beginning to consider the possibility of abdicating reelection, running for a seat in the Senate or retreating to his house.

For certain and humiliating defeat, he will not go. You have another three or four months to decide your fate.

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Noblat Bolsonaro abdicate reelection

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