A phone stolen from a Christmas fair in Great Britain was spotted in Romania

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, began tracking his device after it was stolen from him at the German Christmas Market in Birmingham on 12 December.

One week after the incident, the Track My iPhone application informed her that her phone was no longer in the UK, but in Romania.

It was then that she remembered that before she discovered the phone was missing, two Romanian women selling roses at the fair approached her boyfriend, the young woman told CoventryLive.

“One of them disappeared behind me at one point, the other came very close, insisting that we buy a rose. A few minutes after they left, I discovered that my phone had disappeared from my pocket, “she said.

One week later, when the tracking application showed her that her phone had appeared in Romania, she realized that the theft had been committed by the two so-called florists, which is why she decided to tell her story.

“People who commit such acts do not realize how much stress they cause others. I would tell those who participate in fairs and markets to be more careful, not to leave their phones, wallets or other goods in their pockets “, she explained.

Caught in one day

In November, a Briton tracked down his motorcycle, which was stolen from his garage more than a year ago, also in Romania. Kelston Chorley reported the theft to the police but also started his own investigation after his vehicle appeared as being put up for sale in Matca, Galati County.

Kelston Chorley lost his AJP PR7 motorcycle when his garage was broken in July 2020. Later, the man found out with the help of members of a Facebook forum that his motorcycle is for sale in Romania, informs Motorcycle News.

The Briton boarded the plane and came to Romania where he went directly to the Matca police, presenting them with the complaint submitted to the British authorities but also the proof that the vehicle is on a sales site in Romania.

Police picked up the motorcycle, which turned out to be the one stolen from England, and returned it to the owner.

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