“He was in the living room, crouched down and crying hysterically”

“He was in the living room, crouched down and crying hysterically”
“He was in the living room, crouched down and crying hysterically”

Sabina has been upset since she was a child after her parents separated. The young woman was raised by her mother and only in high school did she reconnect with her father.

When she turned 18, her mother kicked her out of the house and Sabina moved in with her grandmother. The mother and daughter had not spoken to each other for two years.

“We had a conflict, she was ambitious, I was ambitious, I was waiting for her to come to me, she was probably for me to go. He was in the living room, crouched down, and had such a hysterical cry, “said the girl’s mother.

The girl’s mother is known to have mental health problems, she suffers from Alzheimer’s. According to Antena 3 sources, the young woman’s mother believes that her daughter did not commit suicide because she was a strong person.

Moreover, she says that the so-called farewell note did not have her handwriting, being written in a hurry and with ugly handwriting, or their daughter had a very beautiful handwriting.

Neighbors admired Sabina’s family, who seemed to lack nothing.

“A happy family, I tell you, when I come here I go through the forest and I see them, they hug on the balcony. He had everything he wanted, he didn’t lack for anything “said Gheorghe Staicu, a neighbor, according to Observator.

She was shot in the head after an argument with her husband. What he wrote in the farewell note

The woman, a police officer in IPJ Brașov, shot herself in the head with a weapon (Carpathian pistol), just before the day she turned 29, in the apartment where she lived. Looks like she killed herself out of jealousy.

On Thursday evening, the police officer had an argument with her husband, about the intervention of a sister-in-law in the relationship. To ease the situation, her husband left home, followed by an exchange of messages between them, and she wrote a note in which she said she would solve all the problems.

The husband called the girl’s father for help and told her that he could not handle the situation. Since she did not answer her father’s phone, they went together (husband and father) to the house, where they found her shot and called 112.

The young woman had been working for the police for five years. He was promoted from police officer to non-commissioned officer, and in March this year took the competition for the corps of officers. In January, he had passed the mandatory psychological test

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