PiS presents plans for 2022. The party’s spokeswoman indicates what will be a priority in the new year

When asked about the group’s priorities for next year, a PiS spokeswoman emphasized that “it will be a year for us to implement and fulfill our promises under the Polish Deal and other groundbreaking programs for Poland.”

It will be an unprecedented year in our history of tax cuts and broadening family support. Maintaining low unemployment, stable growth and reducing inflation as much as possible are our priorities

– she declared.

Czerwińska assured that the government has adopted a “good and responsible” budget for 2022

– We combine budget responsibility with the implementation of ambitious social programs, which strengthen, inter alia, Polish families, seniors, employees and entrepreneurs. The Family 500+, Dobry Start, or the 13th retirement programs are just some of them, she said.

She noted that the implementation of these programs would not be possible without effective measures to tighten the tax system and growing tax revenues.

– Our goal is simple. With the budget for 2022, we want to continue our policy, incorporating new elements provided by the Polish Order. This includes the historic tax cut for almost 18 million Poles, or the Family Care Capital, which will further strengthen Polish families. We plan that the state budget revenues in 2022 will amount to PLN 491.9 billion – about PLN 202.8 billion more than in 2015

– she pointed.

A PiS spokeswoman also spoke about support for the Polish countryside.

– We want, from 2023, the average level of support per hectare on farms up to 50 ha (i.e. 97% of farms) to be higher than the EU average. We will introduce a general system of crop and livestock insurance. We will establish the National Food Holding in the spring

– she said.

– When a farmer retires, he will not have to get rid of the farm, i.e. his workshop. We will equal the level of compensation for the loss of 1 percent of health in ZUS and KRUS – from PLN 809 to PLN 1033 – she added.

Czerwińska also announced that there will also be an additional aid program for pig producers and support for farmers who have to close pig farming.

– From 1 January, the excise duty refund rate in fuel used for agricultural production will increase from 100 to 110 liters per 1 ha and from 30 to 40 liters per one large conversion unit. We want to disseminate direct sales in cities, among others by the introduction by municipal authorities of Friday and Saturday as a day of direct sale to farmers selling their products

– she said.

She also pointed out that by two years, i.e. until the end of 2022, the time for using funds under RDP 2014-2020 was extended. Moreover, she added, the construction of retention reservoirs should take place without unnecessary formalities.

– We will carry out legislative work related to broader support under the Agroenergia program, i.e. a program that gives the opportunity to use, inter alia, renewable energy sources. We also want to improve animal welfare as part of establishing veterinary requirements for animal shelters

– said the PiS spokeswoman.

Czerwińska also said that the year 2021 was marked by the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying rising inflation.

We had to deal with a crisis unheard of since the end of World War II. PiS stood and stands firmly on the position that we cannot allow the return of the high unemployment that has consumed Polish society since the beginning of the 1990s. That is why we immediately launched aid under the anti-crisis and financial shield. Over PLN 200 billion in total flowed to Polish entrepreneurs. In this way, we saved thousands of companies from bankruptcy, and several million Poles from unemployment

– she assured.

She also declared that PiS wants Poles to feel the effects of inflation as little as possible.

– We are introducing a package of solutions that will support low and middle income households – she said.

– The government of Law and Justice always stands on the side of citizens, which is why we have introduced a government anti-inflation shield providing for tax cuts on electricity, gas and food and special protective allowances

– Czerwińska added

Source: niezalezna.pl, PAP

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