New Year’s Eve performance by Miley Cyrus

New Year’s Eve performance by Miley Cyrus
New Year’s Eve performance by Miley Cyrus

The singer’s concert was the main attraction of NBC’s special New Year’s show. Miley Cyrus from Miami signed in with her live performance. As we have become accustomed to, he did not choose restrained pieces as a stage set this time either. Moreover, during the performance of the song Party in the USA, the upper part of the two-piece silver two-piece dress came to life on its own, so Miley Cyrus was essentially topless to perform part of the song.

Of course, he wouldn’t be without a similarly spicy thing happening. However, since Miley Cyrus has experienced similar inconveniences several times, she is able to react to such cases in an amazingly professional and funny way.

Miley Cyrus’ clothing accident at her New Year’s Eve performance

Photo: Profimedia

At the end of his performance, he told the audience: “Thank you very much for everything. Today’s show was about flexibility, about getting the best out of even bad conditions. Don’t end this flexibility, let’s take this with us into the new year!“He later stated that he thought this performance was a perfect year-end event, host Pete Davidson was very funny and he was naked, do I need more than that !?

From Miley’s positive attitude, it will really be worth taking a good dose by 2022!


Years Eve performance Miley Cyrus

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