Cariocas report difficulties with transport on the way home

With the interdictions on the streets, the reduced times for the circulation of buses and the closing of the subway, those who depended on public transport to leave Copacabana had difficulties at dawn this Saturday after the New Year’s Eve ceremony. Even app car was difficult. Bank Daniele Nunes, 32 years old, went with her aunt and cousin to watch the fireworks on the shore and at around 4 am she tried to get home by bus, in Rio Comprido.

— We asked for an app car, but even with the race costing more than R$100, the drivers are not accepting it. And the bus just returned. Nonsense. Because the party ended at midnight. We were on the street for a long time and still had trawlers. It still put people at risk. Subway only 7 am is very dirty — he lets off steam.

She says that she has already spent New Year’s Eve in Copacabana in other years, but that it has never been so difficult to return home.

— Where I live is not an area of ​​risk or anything — he complains.

The three had been waiting to return home since 2 am. They were waiting for buses 456 or 455 and said that three buses of line 455 passed and did not stop at the point where they were on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana between Rodolfo Dantas and Duvivier streets.

Daniele (left), Érica and Elizabeth: difficulties on the way home Photo: Isabela Aleixo

But the inconvenience of returning home was felt not only for those who overcame the roadblocks aimed at preventing the general public from reaching Copacabana and generating agglomeration, but also for those who worked during the turnaround. Waiter Valdemar Gomes, 61, and cook Domingos Araujo, 60, had been waiting at 4 am for at least 40 minutes for a ride. Valdemar was waiting for the bus that runs the Copacabana x Charitas line to go to São Gonçalo, and Domingos was waiting for line 432 to go to Estácio.

— We knew the return was going to be difficult. there were other years in which we worked and it was already a very big sacrifice. Imagine now that they said that the traffic would only be released at 3 am… — said Valdemar, who was unable to embark on other options that could serve as transfers because they were already full.

Professionals Valdemar and Domingos couldn’t get a bus back Photo: Isabela Aleixo

At the Cardeal Arcoverde subway station, 46-year-old cleaning assistant Eurilia de Souza arrived at 4:40 am for the waiting line for the opening of the station, which only takes place at 7:00 am. She went to Copacabana alone to watch the fireworks and plans to return to Bonsucesso. She said that she approved the fireworks spectacle, but found the subway schedule unfeasible, which in practice, according to her, did not prevent the public from going to Copacabana.

“I loved the fireworks, it was beautiful. The only bad thing is that you have to wait until 7 am for the subway. I didn’t think the time was viable, because that was to prevent people from coming, but it didn’t solve anything. It’s really annoying because when we’re in a place, it ends, we want to go home and have to put up with it all this time. If I had a car, when the person wanted to leave, he would go. But it has to wait. Now I stay here because not even a bus passes.

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Community leader Wendell da Silva, 32, is from São Paulo and was with six friends to return to Pavuna. At 4:40 am, they arrived at Cardeal Arcoverde station to wait for the subway to open, but they did not know that it would only open at 7 am.

—- I didn’t even know it was only 7am, I thought it was 5am. Now let’s just sit here until it opens.

Wendell approved the fireworks show on Copacabana Beach, which he saw for the first time, but criticized the absence of the Military Police in the sands, which, according to him, were only on the sidewalk. He witnessed an attempted robbery at the height of Copacabana Palace.

“I think security could improve. There was a lot of cell phone theft.

At Siqueira Campos station, around 5:00 am, a line of people was already forming, waiting for the opening of the station.

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