K. Pangos, who prepared the last Cavaliers attack, missed a long throw

8 secs left by the end of the confrontation, after Trae Young’s accurate free throws, the Cavaliers were 118: 121 behind, and the most important attack of the duel was entrusted to K. Pangos.

The Canadian made a long throw by sounding the sirens at the end of the fourth quarter, but he was out of reach.

The loss to the Cavaliers team is extremely disappointing, as most of the hosts were ahead of the duel and had a 15-point advantage at the same time.

However, towards the end of the match, the Hawks began to break the rivals and took control of the confrontation.

In this duel, K.Pangos scored 8 points (4/5 double, 0/4 trit.) And made 4 assists in this duel.

T. Young, who scored 35 points and made 11 assists, played the most in the winners.

Cavaliers: Kevin Love 35, Jarrett Allen 21, Evan Mobley 16, Brandon Goodwin 13.

Hawks: Trae Young 35, Skylar Mays 19, Clint Capela 18, Lou Williams 14.


Pangos prepared Cavaliers attack missed long throw

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