Will you recognize which famous actor embodied the father of country music Virgis Stakenas?

It is her spell that will lead to the opening of the anniversary, tenth BTV project “Musical Mask” this Saturday evening.

The famous singer on the first show surprised with the stunning embodiment of the famous singer Dua Lipa.

“Eglė is an amazing performer. I’ve been watching her for ten years, her career and she can be practically anything and have unlimited voice options. Today, she really did everything very well, ”said Jonas Sakalauskas, a new member of the commission and director of the Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theater.

However, several performance mistakes did not slip through the opera soloist’s ears.

At that time, the long-term chairman of the commission, Vytenis Paulukaitis, was loudly happy: “Egle, I think that you will do well in the” Musical Mask “.”

For ten years, BTV television viewers will be delighted by the impressive show “Musical Mask”.

It will surprise a new top ten celebrities of world-famous performers, actors and shows: Linas Vaitkevičius, a member of the group “Žemaitukai”, performer Alen Chicco, actors Inga Norkutė, Tadas Gryn, Arnoldas Eisimantas, Eglė Ancevičiūtė, Austėja Lukaitė, make-up artist Oksana Pikul, duet March and Gabija and singer Eglė Jakštytė – Eley.

Another surprise for everyone will be the actor Tadas Gryn, who had to play Virgis Stakėnas, the father of country music.

“Knowing that Tadas knows how to sing perfectly and in a different voice, it means that wonderful performances of this actor are waiting for us,” said Livija Gradauskienė, the host of Radiocentras.

Another member of the commission, Jonas Sakalauskas, agreed with her: “I really liked it. Tadai, congratulations! He did it all with a pile. ”

Although at the beginning of the show the director of the Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theater promised to be strict and not to wrap words in cotton wool, the unique and unexpected incarnations of the participants melted his heart.

“It is very important to me that you have completed the opera singing and for the exhibition that the opera soloists can be great actors, can sing great, can move well,” he said after the unexpected performance of the actress Austėja Lukaitė.

And actor Arnold Eisimant, who embodied the cult British music group Depeche Mode, was able to utter only three words: “Am I still alive?”

Who will be the make-up artist Oksana Pikul, actress Inga Norkutė and others this Saturday night?

You will see everything at 7 p.m. 30 min. only on BTV TV.

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