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2022 has arrived. New year brings widespread price rise

2022 has arrived. New year brings widespread price rise
2022 has arrived. New year brings widespread price rise
The price of electricity for households in the regulated market has, on average, increased by 0.2 percent from this Saturday, as announced by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority on December 15th.

“For consumers who remain in the regulated market (which represent five percent of total consumption and 915 thousand customers), or who, being in the free market, have opted for a similar rate, the average annual variation of transitory rates for sales to final customers at low voltage it is 0.2%”, said the regulation structure.

The new year brings changes in the labor sector, namely changes to the telework regime provided for in the Labor Code and the updating of the national minimum wage, to 705 euros, and the basic salary of civil servants, to the same value.However, this January, consumers will notice an average drop of 3.4 percent compared to prices in force in December. In turn, social tariff consumers will receive a 33.8 percent discount on sales tariffs to end customers.

As for the liberalized market, EDP Comercial’s tariffs increased by an average of 2.4 percent, which corresponds to an increase in household bills of around 90 cents per month..

Endesa is going to preserve electricity prices for families and small businesses, according to a source at the company cited by the Lusa agency.

Galp will raise electricity prices to around 2.7 euros a month for the most representative contracted powers.
In terms of rents, an increase of 0.43 percent is expected. This is an increase of about 43 cents for every 100 euros of rent..

The updating coefficient of 0.43 percent for rural and urban lease contracts for 2022, published in Diário da República, takes place after the freeze in 2021, following a negative variation in the price index, and increases of 0. 51 percent in 2020, 1.15 in 2019, 1.12 in 2018, 0.54 in 2017 and 0.16 in 2016.
On motorways, toll prices are expected to rise by 1.84 percent in 2022, taking into account the year-on-year inflation rate, excluding housing for October, released by the National Institute of Statistics.

It should be remembered that in 2020 and 2021 toll prices did not change, after four consecutive years of increases.Brisa Concesso Rodoviária announced that 28 of the 93 toll rates applied to class 1 will increase, explaining the rise with the year-on-year inflation rate.

Twenty-eight of the 93 toll rates applied in class 1 (30 percent of the total) will be updated, “with the majority of routes with a higher frequency of motorists or to a greater extent, the impact will be small”, indicated the company in a statement, adding that toll rates will have “an average update of 1.57 percent”.

The main long-distance routes to see increases will be the A2 between Lisbon and Algarve, with an additional 0.35 euros, A1 between Lisbon and Porto, with an additional 0.20 euros, and A6, between Marateca and Caia, also with plus 0.20.

On the main urban routes with a high traffic of motorists, the biggest increase will be on the A3 between Porto and Valença, which will cost an additional 0.25 euros.

The sub-stretch between Maia and Santo Tirso, on the A3, the A5, Lisbon and Cascais, and the A4, between Porto and Amarante, will be upgraded by 0.05 euros.
The price of public transport is updated by 0.57 percent, according to the Mobility and Transport Authority.

The prices of social passes in Porto will remain unchanged in 2022.

The unique Navegante, Municipal and Metropolitano passes will maintain their value next year, at 30 and 40 euros, respectively, announced Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa.
Nowo’s source, also heard by Lusa agency, added that “for next year (2022) no price updates are planned.”

On the other hand, Meo, from Altice Portugal, “will update the base price of the monthly fee in tariffs/packages, with effect from 1 January 2022, in accordance with the contractual conditions”.

The other operators have not yet commented.
mandatory inspections
Another of the new year’s increases occurs in inspections. The price in the light car segment increases to €31.80. For heavy vehicles, it rises to 47.59 euros.

The statutory retirement age increases in 2022 to 66 years and seven months. Next year it will retreat and will be 66 years and four months.The increase in tariffs for technical inspections of road vehicles, provided for in a decision by the Institute for Mobility and Transport, takes effect from this Saturday and is based on the latest update by the INE on the inflation rate – without housing – for November 2021, with a rate average annual variation of 0.99 percent.

The base value for light vehicles is 25.85 euros, plus 23 percent VAT. The base tariff for heavy vehicles rises to 38.69 euros, plus VAT, for motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles to 13.2 euros and for trailers and semi-trailers to 25.85 euros.

The basic fee for the re-inspection of inspections increases to 6.48 euros, the allocation or replacement of registrations to 64.53 euros, the extraordinary fee to 90.25 euros and the issuance of a duplicate of the inspection form/certificate to 2.43 euros.

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