How much did the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Romania cost? The cheapest were 10,000 lei

New Year’s Eve fireworks are a real spectacle and a joy for everyone. How much did they cost this year? The cheapest were 10,000 lei. Many Romanians said they were happy with what they saw in the sky on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve fireworks: how much did the show watched by Romanians cost?

Romanians love fireworks and most spend a lot of money on various firecrackers that they buy to enjoy with friends. However, the total show is the one made by the town halls that prepare a special fire on the night between the years.

Although it may not seem expensive to some, such a pyrotechnic arrangement reaches 135,000 lei. Baia Mare is in second place at the expense of the colors of the sky. On the 2nd and 3rd places we have Brașov with a total cost of 121,500 lei and the city of Suceava with a total cost of 80,000 lei.

The city of Bucharest does not appear on this list because the mayor’s office does not organize any pyrotechnic show or any party, so the people of Bucharest have a free hand and enjoy the fireworks of their neighbors.

Top of the most expensive street New Year’s Eve

Baia Mare – 135,000 lei
Brașov – 121,500 lei
Suceava – 80,000 lei
Târgu Jiu – 70,000 lei
Pașcani – 67,000 lei
Slobozia – 63,560 lei
Oradea – 49,500 lei
Toplița – 40,000 lei
Filiași – 35,000 lei
Cristian commune, Brașov county – 30,000 lei
Sînmartin commune, Bihor county – 28,571.42 lei
Blejești commune, Teleorman county – 27,000 lei
Târgu Mureș – 25,000 lei
Lipova – 25,000 lei
Praid commune, Harghita county – 21,008.40 lei
Fir trees – 20,000 lei
Pucioasa – 20,000 lei
Pitesti – 19,130.58 lei
Viseu de Sus, Maramureș County – 18,500 lei
Urlați, Prahova County – 16,806.72 lei
Nucet, Bihor County – 15,000 lei
Gataia, Timiș County – 12,605 lei
Moreni, Dâmbovița County – 12,605 lei
Deleni commune, Iași county – 12,000 lei
Zărnești – 12,000 lei
Dăbuleni, Dolj County – 11,754 lei
Tasnad, Satu Mare County – 10,500 lei
Remetea commune, Bihor county – 10,000 lei

“I’m sorry that this element can’t be provided by the municipality either”

Emil Boc was harshly criticized by the Romanian Ornithological Society because of the fireworks, and this year he decided not to organize anything. The fireworks were canceled due to fog and there will be no concert that many were used to because the green certificate was not approved.

“This morning, we decided to cancel the fireworks because it will be foggy and nothing will be seen. There is no point in spending sponsorship money on this, we keep it for other events.

I am also an animal lover and I tried to reduce the impact of fireworks by organizing them in four separate places which would have had the effect of reducing their intensity.

Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others we will not have fireworks. I am sorry that this element cannot be offered by the municipality either “, said Emil Boc, according to

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