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Even without a free party, Salvador’s waterfront is full during New Year’s Eve

Those who chose the coast of Salvador as a place to turn the year found it difficult to avoid crowding. From 9 pm onwards, the movement of cars and people in the regions of Barra, Rio Vermelho, Amaralina, Pituba and other beach neighborhoods was intense. The pandemic did not prevent bars located on the waterfront from being also full, and private parties had queues to enter.

From Morro do Cristo, whoever looked at Farol da Barra saw an image that resembled Carnival: hundreds of people were on the sidewalk, on the sand or even in bars. And not only Salvadorans, but also tourists chose the postcard of Salvador. The couple Fernando Luís and Ingrid Mendes left Brasília by car with their son Mateus towards João Pessoa to spend the summer vacation. The idea was to turn the year around in their car, but, on the way, they decided to stop in Salvador.

“I haven’t set foot in this city since 1998 and my wife didn’t know it yet. Salvador is a magical place and experiencing the turnaround in this city makes everything more special,” says Fernando. They put their beach chairs in front of Farol da Barra and were waiting for 2022.

“As soon as the year comes, let’s look for somewhere to sleep and hit the road early to get to João Pessoa. On the way back, we’ll stop by again”, promise.

Family living in Brasília decided to spend New Year’s Eve in Salvador at the last minute (Photo: Paula Froes / MAIL)

Interior designer Maicon Pires, 23, said he would only leave Barra when day broke. He lives in Xique-Xique, north of Bahia, and just came to spend New Year’s Eve in Salvador. “They always spoke very well from here and I wanted to meet them”, said the boy, while he awaited the arrival of other friends to complete the class.

Over the course of the night, Barra became more and more crowded. Who took advantage of this scenario were street vendors, vendors and even faith healers. Eliane de Jesus Souza, who in 2021 went viral nationwide after being insulted by two tourists who called her a lazybones and lazybones, was at the scene. “That was a big turmoil in my life, but I practically forgot. I want 2022 to bring justice, as none of this was resolved in 2021”, he says.

The healer Eliane de Jesus Souza was with her pai de santo in Barra (Photo: Paula Froes / MAIL)

Without rain
Despite the wettest December in the last 32 years, the turn of the year in Salvador was of solid weather. The family of electrician Ricardo Araújo Carvalho took the opportunity to go from their house, located in the Northeast of Amaralina, to Amaralina beach. “It’s not a tradition. Generally, we go to Linha Verde or Ilha (from Itaparica) but due to the situation of the pandemic, we prefer to stay close to home”, he says. To celebrate, the family brought beer and had a barbecue on the beach.


Family chose the Northeast of Amaralina to pass the turn (Photo: Paula Froes / MAIL)

At the new Convention Center in Salvador, a huge line was still formed when it was less than 1 hour to midnight. The New Year’s Eve Felicita Salvador 2022 took place there, with shows by Jorge and Mateus, Gusttavo Lima and É o Tchan. Several people who couldn’t buy tickets stayed outside watching the party and celebrating the arrival of the new year.

“I confess that I thought it would be a free show. When I arrived, I found out that I was paid and, as it was very expensive, I preferred to stay here. Some friends are also coming and my idea is just to leave when the party is over”, told the telemarketing attendant Josiele Rodrigues, 20 years old.


On the left, queue to enter the private party. On the right, people who decided to pass the turn outside the party (Photo: Paula Froes / MAIL)

Unlike New Year’s Eve 2021, this year’s party had fewer restrictions on the part of the City. Even so, the Virada Salvador Festival was cancelled. There was also a fireworks display. Initially, 20 attraction points were programmed, but without publicity to avoid crowding. One of the places where fireworks were expected was in the neighborhood of Imbuí. However, nothing happened there. It was up to the owner of the Kiosque do Galego to release the fireworks that he himself bought.

“It’s already a tradition. For at least five years, we’ve been opening the bar during the turnaround, receiving customers and having the party. I couldn’t miss the fireworks, of course”, says businessman Washington Tito. His bar was the only one of the kiosks in Imbuí that worked during the turnaround.

Apparently, the people decided to stay on the edge of Salvador, whose movement began to grow again after midnight. The report found intense movement in Jardim dos Namorados, Jardim de Alah and Paciência beach. Many of those on the street did not wear a mask. It was the beginning of 2022 that recalled the times before 2020, when there was no pandemic.

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