“New Year’s Eve of Dreams” in Zakopane. Media comments after the TVP event. They write that Jason Derulo had too little applause and could smell the “smell of alcohol”

The unforgettable New Year’s Eve night in Zakopane, full of performances by Polish and foreign stars, turned out to be a great success of Polish Television, attracting over 8 million viewers. “New Year’s Eve of Dreams” also has its enemies. Mainstream portals argue that the capital of the Tatra Mountains on the New Year looks “like after a tornado”, and “the smell of alcohol was smelling in the air” – as Onet describes. The same portal publishes a report from the New Year’s Eve in North Korea. “We were drunk, it was wonderful.” On the other hand, Wirtualna Polska bends over the star of the evening, Jason Derulo, and believes that he could be disappointed by… too little applause from the audience.

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On the great New Year’s Eve stage in Zakopane on Friday at 20 started concert “Sylwester Marzeń” with TVP (here you will find a report from the event). Eight thousand people gathered in separate sectors in front of the stage, and another as many participated in the off-site event, police said.

“New Year’s Eve of Dreams” in Zakopane

Jason Derulo, the most awaited in Zakopane, and Julio Iglesias Junior, performed during the concert as one of the first artists. There were also Polish stars – on the stage on Górna Równia Krupowa, the audience was warmed by, among others Maryla Rodowicz, Zenon Martyniuk, Roxie Węgiel, Sławomir, Thomas Anders, Boys, Daria, Piękna i Młodzi, Rafał Brzozowski, Karolina Stanisławczyk, Weekend and The Music From ABBA – Arrival From Sweden.

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A galaxy of stars on the “New Year’s Eve of Dreams”

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During the event, and already on New Year’s Day, the Onet portal devoted to “Sylwester Marzeń”, summing up the event with one of the titles: “We were at the” New Year’s Eve of Dreams “. Man over man and disappointment ”. The list of allegations by RASP publishing house employees is quite extensive, although it also largely concerns “concert-related” situations: “after midnight, Krupówki were filled with tourists, there was a smell of alcohol in the air”; “We passed overcrowded garbage cans”, “queues were lining up in pubs”, “many people did not wear masks”.

Onet divided on alcohol for New Year’s Eve

Although the “smell of alcohol” on the streets of Zakopane after the end of the event is reported as a sad statement of the turn of 2021/2022 by Onet employees, another text on the website’s New Year’s home page reads: “She spent New Year’s Eve in North Korea. »We were drunk, it was wonderful« “.

At the beginning of the next text, the portal also mentions the opinion of an event participant. To encourage you to read the rest of the article, the not-so-positive one was chosen: “It was good, but I’ve been to better shows. Today’s list of stars did not necessarily suit my taste ”; although in the further part of the text there are many enthusiastic comments from New Year’s Eve.

In the next article Onet convincesthat after the “New Year’s Eve of Dreams” Zakopane looks “like after a tornado has passed”: “Garbage in the streets, survivors of party people walking around the city and people sleeping in the waiting room of the railway station”. In this way, an attempt was made to discredit the concert of Polish Television, which was extremely successful. The narrative is spoiled by one fact added at the end of the headline: “In the opinion of the Zakopane residents, however, the past New Year’s Eve was … relatively calm”.

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Several extensive video articles he also devoted the Wirtualna Polska portal to Zakopane. There, however, apart from the criticism of “Sylwester Marzeń”, some space was given to admire the … competitive event of Polsat, which gathered more than twice the audience.

Finding a hole all over

On the one hand, the audience of the TVP event is “hit”: Jason Derulo he could feel disappointed with the audience. Reason? The concert participants reacted restrained to his performance, ‘we read. Elsewhere, there is an opinion that “contrary to the expectations of the organizers, it was Zenek Martyniuk, and not Jason Derulo, who stole the show”.

On the other hand, WP, reporting on the Polsat concert, which was followed many times by fewer viewers, uses promotional phrases.

New Year’s Eve 2021. TVP competition without a chance

The media amok about “New Year’s Eve” on TVP and saying goodbye to 2021, however, loses with the facts.

According to the information provided by the president of Telewizja Polska, Jacek Kurski, “Sylwester Marzeń” from TVP in Zakopane at the peak was watched by over 8.1 million viewers, leaving the competition far behind.

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Jason Derulo and Julio Iglesias Junior are the stars of “New Years Eve of Dreams”

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