Rap reigns in Poland, and Latin reigns in the world

Rap reigns in Poland, and Latin reigns in the world
Rap reigns in Poland, and Latin reigns in the world

What was the most important tendency in Polish and world music?

In Poland, native hip hop and its various variants are still the most popular. Today, it accounts for as much as 23 percent of the music listened to by Polish Spotify users, which is also reflected in the list of the most popular artists and artists in the country. At the same time, it is worth noting that this genre is constantly changing and developing, drawing on pop, alternative, electronic and rock music.

An interesting trend that we can observe in Polish rap is also the great popularity of young artists who perfectly understand the younger audience belonging to the Z generation. A perfect example of this is the phenomenon of Mat, whose work dominated our year’s summary of the year. His this year’s album “Young Matczak” is another manifesto of the young generation, thanks to which he broke the streaming records on Spotify.

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The revolution of young stars

Mata, Sanah and Bad Bunny are the most popular artists in Poland of 2021 according to the ranking prepared for “Rzeczpospolita” by Spotify.

How is the world?

In terms of global trends, based on the data on the increase in the number of streams among the most popular music genres, we can observe a further increase in the popularity of Latin music.

Let’s say exactly, what reshuffles have occurred in the hierarchy of stars? As I said, in Poland, undoubtedly, attention should be paid to the phenomenon of Mat. His debut album “100 dni do matury” in 2020 was in the first place of the most-played albums and made Mata the fifth place among the most popular Polish artists. In 2021, the rapper made his presence on the market even stronger, placing himself at the top of the list of the most-listened artists in the country. The album from “Young Matczak” (2021) was at the first place on the list of the most popular albums, and the single “Kiss cam (pick-up of the year)” promoting it received the most plays among Polish listeners. Sanah, who has become the most popular artist among Polish Spotify users, also recorded a further increase in popularity. On the other hand, Bad Bunny was again at the top of the global list of the most popular artists and female artists. The remaining places were occupied by the creators and creators who also ruled in the 2020 ranking: Taylor Swift, Drake, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and The Weekend. Next to them, however, there were also artists and artists who took lower positions in 2020: Korean boy band BTS, Justin Bieber, Olivia Rodrigo and Doja Cat.

Have new listening trends, or perhaps new audiences, emerged in 2021?

A new trend that we see on Spotify is the growing number of viral hits, which rapidly conquer the charts and gain incredible amounts of plays. At the initial stage, they owe their popularity to very young listeners, and then they reach a wider audience, finally becoming mainstream hits. The last Polish example may be the young rapper Kinny Zimmer, whose song “Smazana kreska” became a viral hit, gaining the peak of popularity in Poland, as well as hitting the global Spotify Viral Top 50 list.

What is the specificity of Polish Spotify?

Our market is definitely distinguished by the fact that Polish Spotify users love domestic artists. In 2021, in our list of the most-listened artists in Poland, only native artists were included in the top 20. The same applies to the top 30 list of the most popular songs, where the only foreign song is Måneskin – “I Wanna Be Your Slave”. What’s more, we can see that the domination of Polish artists on our charts is growing every year. The second point that distinguishes the Polish market is its dominance by hip hop music and its various varieties. If I mentioned that all the performers in the list of the top 20 artists in Poland in 2021 are Poles, it should be noted that as many as 19 of them are native rappers. The domination of rap in Polish music is also shown by data on the most popular music genres in our country.

What is the popularity dynamics of domestic rap?

Among Polish listeners, it has increased by as much as 100 percent in the last 5 years. At the same time, as I mentioned before, it is a genre that is constantly evolving, drawing on other musical trends. Therefore, when we changed the name of our most popular Polish rap playlist from Generacja Hip Hop to RAP GENERACJA this year, we based the accompanying campaign on the question “What is rap?”. Thirteen of the most popular Polish rappers gave us answers to them, but as they showed – it’s hard to find one definition.

What are the outlooks for 2022?

A visible phenomenon that we can expect is a stronger influence of female artists on Polish music, a perfect sign of which is Sanah being on the list of the top 3 most popular artists in Poland. We are all the more pleased with her success as she is one of the artists participating in the Spotify EQUAL program, under which we support women operating in the music market. The EQUAL program is our long-term commitment, both on a global and local level. This trend can also be observed in the most popular music genre in Poland, i.e. rap. I think this may be a key change which, as shown by the successes of Young Leosia, Dziarma and Oliwki Brazil, is waiting for us “just around the corner”. Looking at rap music, such equality will be an amazing revolution and will undoubtedly make even more talented female rapporteurs appear, and thus will have a significant impact on the Polish scene. Ultimately, however, each trend is shaped by the decisions of listeners and their hearts must be won over by artists every year, while we follow the music market, ensuring our users constant access to their favorite music.

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