Maximum daily tests in Portugal reached on Thursday: 402 thousand

More than 400,000 tests were carried out on Thursday, a new daily high since the start of the pandemic, which raises to 26.5 million the covid-19 tests carried out in Portugal, the test’s `task force´ announced today.

“Portugal reached, last Thursday, a new maximum of daily testing with 402,756 tests performed (9.2% positivity rate), of which 307,698 (76%) were rapid antigen tests (TRAg) for professional use” , said the same source in a statement.

According to the National Medicines Authority (Infarmed), a total of 1,166 pharmacies and 681 clinical laboratories are carrying out free tests to the population, under the exceptional and transitory reimbursement scheme.

According to the `task force´ responsible for the testing strategy, since the beginning of 2020, approximately 26.5 million diagnostic tests have been carried out for the covid-19, numbers that do not include the self-tests.

As of December 1st, more than five million tests have been performed, including approximately 3.6 million TRAg, a figure that is related to the Government’s determined need to report a negative result for the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the access to various services or locations and with the increase of testing points in the country.

TRAgs in laboratories and pharmacies that adhered to the exceptional reimbursement scheme were once again free of charge since November 19, due to the increase in cases of infection registered in the country.

On December 21, and taking into account the festive season, the Government decided to increase the number of tests that each person could take monthly from four to six. .


Maximum daily tests Portugal reached Thursday thousand

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