Holiday Calendar for 2022: How Many Weekends Will We Have This Year? | Do you know?

Holiday Calendar for 2022: How Many Weekends Will We Have This Year? | Do you know?
Holiday Calendar for 2022: How Many Weekends Will We Have This Year? | Do you know?

The four holidays will intersect in the middle of the week, and the holidays will coincide with the four holidays.

The first long weekend is waiting for March – March 11, Independence Day, this year will be Friday.

As every year, we will have a long weekend during Easter. The date of Easter Sunday is 2022. will be April 17th, so we will have April 18th free on Monday, the second day of Easter.

Two more long weekends await in the summer. The first of them is through Jonines. On June 24 this year. will be friday. The second is through the Herb. August 15 this year. will be monday.

The last long weekend awaits during the winter holidays. December 26, the second day of Christmas, this year will be Monday.

What days of the week will there be other holidays?

In the fall, with just one day off, it will be possible to have as much as a five-day weekend.

November 1 – All Saints’ Day – this year will be Tuesday, and November 2. – Late Day, which from 2020 there is also a day off – Wednesday. So if you take a day off on October 31st, you can have as many as five days off in a row.

Two holidays this year are attacking in the middle of the week – on Wednesday. These are Independence Day, celebrated on February 16, and Mindaugas Coronation Day, celebrated on July 6.

This weekend coincides with three public holidays. The first is today, January 1 this year is Saturday.

Two more are waiting for the very end of the year – Christmas and Christmas are waiting for this year on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. So, like this year, the weekend will coincide with two of the three Christmas weekend holidays.

When will we celebrate holidays that are not holidays?

Mardi Gras Tuesday this year will be March 1, and Pentecost will be celebrated on June 5.

Mother’s Day, celebrated annually on the first Sunday in May, will be May 1 this year, and Father’s Day, celebrated on the first Sunday in June, will be June 5 this year.

Valentine’s Day – February 14 – 2022 will be on Monday. March 8th will be Tuesday this year. September 1st this year will be Thursday.

The whole of 2022 holiday calendar

New Year – Saturday, January 1

The Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania is Wednesday, February 16

Independence Day is Friday, March 11th

Easter is Sunday, April 17th

The second day of Easter is Monday, April 18th

International Labor Day – Sunday, May 1

St. John’s Day – Friday, June 24th

The coronation day of King Mindaugas is Wednesday, July 6

Herbal – Monday, August 15th

All Saints’ Day – Tuesday, November 1

Late – Wednesday, November 2nd

Christmas Eve – Saturday, December 24th

Christmas – Sunday, December 25th

The second day of Christmas is Monday, December 26th

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