PHOTO New Year’s Eve 2022. Foreigners, delighted that there are not too many restrictions in Romania, had fun at will in the Old Center

The pole of fun on New Year’s Eve 2022 remained the Old Center of Bucharest, where there was a lot of hustle and bustle, as in the times before the pandemic, reports. Many foreigners also came, they made the special trip, precisely because they heard that in Romania they can have fun at night, all night.

Even though the 50 percent capacity rule worked in restaurants, no one outside could control anything. People stood side by side without masks, and police patrols were powerless to keep them at bay.

“We are trying to have a good time, we came from London. We went to a restaurant, had dinner, then went dancing a bit. We missed all this a lot, “said a Romanian he met in the Old Center with his partner.

A young woman from Italy confessed that she came to Romania because there are many restrictions in her country, and in Romania she can spend all night.

A Dutchman revealed that he took the plane and came especially to Romania to party, after his country is in New Year’s lockdown. The Dutchman said that he feels very well: “I am coming to Bucharest for the first time. We’re having a lot of fun tonight. I really like it here. People are friendly, everyone is so open. “

In the Old Center of the Capital, on Friday night, there were young people from all over the world – from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Egypt, Morocco, Colombia, Bangladesh, Pakistan. Everyone said that they feel great, because there are no restrictions, and the fun looks like before the pandemic and they have long wanted to have such a night.

The music resounded from places where customers could enter without a reservation, because the owners took care to keep seats and for those who came especially to spend the night between the years. The rule was that restaurants operate at 50 percent capacity indoors and require a green certificate at the entrance.

Many of the young people, however, preferred to sit outside on the street, dance and party. There was no place to throw a needle and those who wanted to move from one place to another could hardly make room, digi24 reports.

Photo: capture

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