TV Brasil shows show at the end of the National FM Music Festival

To greet 2022 with the rhythm of good music and in high spirits, the TV Brazil presents the show that awarded the winners of the 13th Radio Nacional FM Music Festival on the first night of the year, this Saturday (1), at 10:30 pm.ebc.gif?id=1434608&o=node

With the best sound produced in the cerrado, the show was held at Teatro da Caixa Cultural, in Brasília. The initiative values ​​artists from the Federal District and the surrounding area and offers space for publicizing their work on the radio.

Held at the end of November, the event was presented live by National Radio. The show was also broadcast on the social networks of the vehicles of the Brazil Communication Company (EBC), which manages public radio and television stations.

The finalist musicians competed in eight categories. The artists competed for six technical recognitions: Best Song with Lyrics, Best Instrumental Music, Best Vocal Interpreter, Best Instrumental Interpreter, Best Lyrics and Best Arrangement. The Most Voted Music on the Internet and the Most Animated Fans were also awarded.

The Festival broke records in the 2021 edition with 445 songs submitted. From this relationship, the 50 semifinalists who played in the National FM during two months. The contest also surpassed previous popular voting milestones by reaching the historic scale of more than 30,000 votes in the first phase that helped select the 12 contestants to participate in the Final Show.

In addition to the presentations by the finalists, the special shown on the small screen of TV Brazil still brings one pocket show with the Festival’s Base Band, led by conductor Marcos Farias. The performers performed on stage while the jury was gathered to define the winners.


The first edition of National Music Festival FM was carried out in 2009. The initiative consolidated a series of actions in support of Brasilia’s culture, artists and music.

Since then, the event has been held in distinguished auditoriums such as Teatro do Sesc DF, at Silvio Borgato of Setor Comercial Sul, Teatro Garagem da 913 Sul, CCBB and Cine Brasília. Since 2015, the Final Shows have been held at Teatro da Caixa Cultural Brasília, an important partnership already assured in the last seven editions.

In its 13th edition, the Festival has remained faithful to its essence, which is to open spaces for the performance of songs by artists from Brasília in the programming of the National FM and bring together the finalists in high-quality musicals, recorded by TV Brazil for display on your special end-of-year schedule.

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