Gigi Becali “broke” 30,000 euros on New Year’s Eve, but was absent from the Party: Her explanation

Even if a stay in the mountains, on New Year’s Eve, costs an exorbitant amount, the FCSB owner did not look at the money. He rented 20 rooms in Poiana Brasov, at Hotel Teleferic, paying 30,000 euros for four nights.

At midnight, however, Gigi Becali was absent from the party, which was attended by more than 300 guests, most of them from her family. Instead, in a dialogue with Antena 3, Becali said that he preferred to be in a secluded church.

What did Gigi Becali say?

* I am in church on New Year’s Eve, to spend the year 2021 to 2022. This is what all Christians should do, to spend at least 5 minutes. I am in church on New Year’s Eve because I want to be with Christ and all the New Year’s saints. The family goes to the mountains, it’s true. I, God, do I still have parties? …

* Everything that is a party for me is only in Christ, otherwise there is no party that I like. I told you I’m only going to two weddings, the two girls and that’s it. There are no more parties for me. For me, the party is only the Holy Mass.

* As others like dancing, music, New Year’s Eve food, fireworks, I like angelic music in church, with Christ, and with the saints. Every man has his own business.

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