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Tourists set off fireworks on Giewont. The TPN guard is looking for them

You can see the performances of night tourists on the Internet on the Tatromaniak Facebook forum.

Photo: Facebook / Tatromaniak

Before the last New Year’s Eve, the Tatra National Park did a lot to protect the animals living in the Tatras. A campaign directed at tourists was published in the media, in which Park asked not to fire fireworks in the mountains on the night of December 31 to January 1.

Photo: Facebook / Tatromaniak

– This is not our invention, but acting for the sake of nature – explains Szymon Ziobrowski, director of the TPN, every year before New Year’s Eve. – Fireworks fired in the mountains give strong light and cause a great bang. Both of these things are afraid of wild animals that either run away in fear or wake up from hibernation. He added that there is a known case where a chamois, scared by firecrackers, cut an avalanche that kidnapped and killed her.

On New Year’s Eve, however, it turned out that the appeals did not help. – From Zakopane it was obvious that someone was on Giewont at midnight – says Tomasz Mączyński, a resident of the city. – We clearly saw the fireworks fired from the top.

– Relax. People who fired firecrackers in the Tatra Mountains will be punished – says Edward Wlazło, commander of the Tatra National Park guard in an interview with Onet. – These people made a big mistake and posted films with their shows on the Internet. Some of them are signed and it is only a matter of time before the authors’ addresses are established so that they can be sent a ticket.

A fine for setting off fireworks in the TPN is from 500 to even several thousand. zloty. fine.

Unfortunately, this is another such event in recent years. Tourists, despite the appeals, light fireworks in the mountains every year, disregarding the welfare of the animals that live there. In 2013, on New Year’s Eve on Giewont, an almost identical situation took place. Then the employees of TPN managed to reach the people who recorded the film.

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