The Poles smashed the Greeks in the ATP Cup. Hurkacz put it on the shoulder blades of Aristotle!

The Poles smashed the Greeks in the ATP Cup. Hurkacz put it on the shoulder blades of Aristotle!
The Poles smashed the Greeks in the ATP Cup. Hurkacz put it on the shoulder blades of Aristotle!

It is known that in the tournament where the best singles in the world play, the Greeks could only find themselves because they have Stefanos Tsitsipas. They have, or rather had. The leader of the team from Hellas is not yet ready to play and before the singles match with Hurkacz, as previously predicted, he withdrew from the competition. Before that, however, he had to be in the squad for his colleagues to play. His absence came as no surprise, however, also given what happened to the other leaders. After all, Novak Djoković and Rafael Nadal also canceled their visit.

A good name is not enough

Without Tsitsipas, the Greeks had nothing to say with our players. It was enough to look at the rivals’ rankings. Michail Pervolarakis (ATP 399) faced Kamil Majchrzak, and Aristotelis, i.e. Aristotle, Thanos (ATP 1076), with Hubert Hurkacz. The chasm was huge, not only in the numbers next to the names. Majchrzak won in an hour and 20 minutes 6: 1, 6: 4, Hurkacz in 53 minutes, 6: 1, 6: 2. Aristotle is a noble name, also on the courts, but there could be no question of any unusual philosophy here. The skills of a player outside the top 1000 rockets in the world will not suddenly be conjured up.

It is difficult for us to write anything more about these meetings, because we looked at them – we honestly admit – from the bed and out of the corner of our eyes. There was a bit of New Years Eve jogging at night and the time shift from Australia is quite significant though. But we did not have to pay special attention to the quality of the message from the antipodes. The Biało-Czerwoni did not celebrate, they just went out on the court concentrated and rested, and calmly proved their advantage. They got the job done and that’s it. It is worth adding that Hubi has it easier than the competition on such days. He does not drink alcohol, he is abstinent, so no champagne or other toast tempts him or attracts him. Compared to some of my professional tour colleagues, it is much easier.

Doubles no longer relevant

There was also doubles ahead of the Poles, in which Hurkacz (replaced Szymon Walków) and Jan Zieliński fought with Pervolarakis and Stefanos Tsitsipas, who, however, decided to fight here. However, this match had no influence on the result of the whole match – whether it would have ended with the result 3: 0 or 2: 1 at this stage did not matter much. The most important thing was victory. In the days to come, they will still face Georgia and Argentina in Sydney. The first team, especially its leader Nikoloz Basilashvili, seems completely unprepared at the moment. The team from South America, despite the fact that the coronavirus (Federico Coria) was detected in it, makes a better impression. Diego Schwartzman gave Basilashvili three games, and left-handed Federico Delbonis in the same ratio – 6: 1, 6: 2 – dealt with Alexandre Metreveli.

Before the tournament in Sydney, Hubert Hurkacz offered his racket for an auction in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which he won in the quarter-final with Roger Federer in Wimbledon. See and hear what he says about her and whoever bids her …


Poles smashed Greeks ATP Cup Hurkacz put shoulder blades Aristotle

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