Silesia. Penalties for smog. New recipes

  • On January 1, new provisions of the anti-smog resolution came into force in the province. Silesian. Since this year, it is illegal to use stoves manufactured before 2007.
  • Failure to comply with the provisions may result in a fine of up to PLN 5,000. PLN and a ban on using a substandard stove
  • According to the Polish Smog Alert, only by the end of 2021, over 140,000 had to be replaced. for smokers
  • As part of the government program “Clean Air” only in the province. Silesian, so far more than 62 thousand. grant applications for a total amount of PLN 800 million.
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Smog kills 40-45 thousand in Poland people per year. So every year, a town the size of Nysa, Świnoujście, Mińsk Mazowiecki, Sieradz and Mikołów disappears. The poisonous cocktail, which turns the air into during the heating season, is the result of at least several factors. This includes years of systemic neglect, resulting in the inability to connect buildings to the gas and heating network, economic issues that cause many people to heat their homes with poor-quality coal in outdated stoves and bad habits, such as burning rubbish, leaves, wet wood in boilers , plastics, furniture and even tires.

Śląskie is one of the provinces with the worst air in Poland. In 2010, 134 days were recorded in Rybnik when the standards of PM10 suspended dust in the air were exceeded. Last year it was “only” 68 days. The acceptable standard is 35. A few no wind and frosty days are enough, and the entire region is suffocating with smog.

High penalties for using an old stove

In 2017, the Silesian sejmik adopted the so-called the anti-smog resolution, which is a scenario of combating smog written for years. This is the second such solution (after Małopolska) in the country. On the one hand, the resolution defined a catalog of forbidden fuels, and on the other, introduced a schedule for the liquidation of coal stoves. At the beginning of 2022, another stage came into force: a ban on smoking in boilers manufactured before 2007 and those without a rating plate containing information about the device.

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Building owners who will continue to use black blossoms after January 1 will face severe penalties. Officials and city and commune guards will be able to: submit an application to the court for a fine of up to 5,000 PLN (guards will be able to issue a ticket on the spot up to PLN 500) and prohibit the use of a stove that does not meet the requirements of the new regulations.

Only people who have concluded a connection agreement to the gas or heating network can count on the reduced tariff, but who have not been connected due to their own fault; they bought or made an advance payment for the purchase of a new heat source and are waiting for its installation; they did not replace the boiler due to delays in programs dedicated to energy poor and helpless people.

Photo: Onet

Europe air pollution map

– In order for the anti-smog resolution to be effective, local authorities cannot brand actions, city guards cannot pretend that they do not see a threat in boiler rooms. Smog is harmful to our health and life. It penetrates into the lungs, heart and brain. It goes to the urinary system. It harms pregnant women, young children and seniors – says Patryk Białas, councilor of KO from Katowice and president of the BoMiasto Association.

Tens of thousands of black coats to be replaced

It is difficult to count exactly how many smokes should go down in history at the end of last year. Exact data is missing. The Central Register of Emissivity of Buildings, which will be the base of all heat sources in Poland, is only just filling up. Building owners and managers of communities or cooperatives have until the end of June 2022 to submit the declaration.

– Using the data developed by the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas for the purposes of justifying the anti-smog resolution for the voivodeship Silesian it was assumed that 70 percent. boilers operated in the voivodeship are old-type boilers, and the remaining 30 percent. are a new type of boilers – chamber and automatic – says Patryk Białas.

According to the estimates of the Polish Smog Alert, in the province of Silesian mounds over 370 thousand. obsolete stoves (not counting tiled stoves and kitchen stoves). According to PAS, in 2021 alone, more than 140,000 should be replaced. the oldest stoves. From January 1, 2022, their use is illegal.

– Lack of data, the lack of a real diagnosis is the weakness of anti-smog activities in Poland – we are facing a great problem, and we do not know its actual size – notes Emil Nagalewski, coordinator of the Polish Smog Alert in the province. Silesian.

Map of PM2.5 dust pollution in Poland

Photo: Onet

Map of PM2.5 dust pollution in Poland

Collecting this data will not be easy. The research of the Polish Smog Alert shows that less than half (44%) of people living in single-family houses in Silesia heard about the said Central Emission Register of Buildings (CEEB). This indicates, as activists emphasize, the need for urgent information activities. There are only six months left for the compulsory census.

– Without this, the CEEB will not fulfill its role, taxpayers’ money spent on preparing the register will be wasted, and our knowledge about the sources of pollution will still be insufficient – adds Nagalewski.

“We can only count on wind and warm winter”

An important instrument in the fight against smog is the “Clean Air” program, which was launched in September 2018. The government program was scheduled for 10 years. Thanks to him, more than 3 million black coats were to be replaced all over Poland. So far, nearly 373 thousand. applications for co-financing the replacement of heat sources.

Over 62,000 of them were deposited in Silesia. for the amount of PLN 800 million. In recent months, the action has accelerated. The inhabitants of the region wanted to make it before the end of the year. From the beginning of 2021 to the end of November, nearly 31,000 applications were submitted. requests.

– The number of Kopciuchów is decreasing, but it all depends on whether the anti-smog regulations will be enforced. The situation is improving, but it is little consolation that the air quality is above the norm five times, not ten times. I will not go for a walk with my child anyway – comments Emil Nagalewski, who lives in Rybnik.

– Alerts over the past weeks clearly show that the problem is huge. We can still only count on wind and warm winter. The problem of low emissions will only disappear when we eliminate non-class boilers and tighten the standards of solid fuels used in fifth class boilers – emphasizes Aleksandra Antes Szewczyk from the Pszczyna Smog Alarm and the “Nie Dokarmiaj Smoga” Association.

Activists add that it’s not just their feeling. PAS research shows that 65 percent. inhabitants of the voivodeship of Silesia supports the introduction of a ban on heating with coal. This result shows that they expect decisive actions from the authorities and the authorities of cities and towns to improve air quality.

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