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Thousands of people from Bistrita spent the night in Bistrita on the night between the years in the street, on a light and light rain. As if bravely ignoring the warning that has heated up social networks in recent days – don’t look up, don’t look up – the people of Bistrita were fascinated by the fireworks.

It rained lightly and it rained on the night between years, in Bistrita. But this fact did not prevent the people of Bistrita from leaving the house by the thousands.

Armed with champagne bottles and glasses appropriate to the solemn moment, accompanied by children, puppies or grandparents – thousands of people from Bistrita spent New Year’s Eve in the street.

Some were disappointed: the fireworks show was overshadowed by the fog that enveloped the city’s streets all evening.

But even so, they all stared at the sky in fascination – imagining in the mist not the appearance of the killer comet, but the multicolored fireworks that “shot” the old year. Inviting the new one to the table with confidence and hope…

The New Year’s Eve program has begunt at 10.30 pm, with a recital given by the people of Bistrita from TransylMania.

Then came the musicians from Hara and the soloist Flavius ​​Buzilă:

Shortly before At midnight, Mayor Ioan Turc also took the stage. “Love, health and strength! Don’t forget that we love you…! Always! Happy birthday Bistrita, happy birthday Bistrita! God bless our city! God help!“, Transmitted the mayor Ioan Turc from the stage.

After the fireworks show, New Year’s Eve in the street continued with a concert by the band Cargo:

The heroes were not forgotten either. A handful of kind-hearted people from Bistrita spent whole minutes in Petru Rareș Square, far from the crowd in the center.

They lit fireworks at the heroes’ monument. And at least for a few moments – it really looked like a smoking candle, in memory of those who look at us from the sky…


PHOTO VIDEO Thousands people Bistrita street Years Eve admiring fireworks Bistriteanul

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