Two young men beat an old man until they killed him / The two were detained

Two young men, one 22 and another 28 years old, were detained by the police after, on Thursday night to Friday, they killed a 63-year-old man, announced the spokesperson of the County Police Inspectorate (IPJ) Botosani, Delia Nenişcu.

According to the quoted source, the deed took place in Tudora commune, after a divergence that the two young men allegedly had with the victim in a local bar.

“Checks revealed that on the evening of December 30, 2021, the two, while they were in a local bar, allegedly had a verbal conflict with the victim, after which they slapped her in the area. which led to their evacuation from the premises. Subsequently, the two young men would have followed the victim on the way home and, catching up with her, they would have hit him several times with a wooden object and then with their feet, in the head area “, said Nenişcu.

The victim was found dead on the side of the road. Following the first verifications, it was ordered to carry out the investigations for culpable homicide, but, subsequently, the investigations were declined to the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Botoşani Tribunal, being opened a case for committing the crime of murder.

The two assailants are due to appear in court on Saturday, with a proposal for pre-trial detention.

photo source: Facebook / Romanian Police


young men beat man killed detained

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