Goodbye, green certificate! It happens right in Romania. They gave up completely – Capital

Goodbye, green certificate! It happens right in Romania. They gave up completely – Capital
Goodbye, green certificate! It happens right in Romania. They gave up completely – Capital

They started the year with the left! The place where the green certificate was not verified. The fines were commensurate

The gendarmes granted several sanctions after they discovered that two game rooms in Pitești did not comply with the law. Specifically, those who entered the game room were not required to receive the green certificate. Also, in one of the game rooms, the gendarmes discovered that they were smoking inside.

The gendarmes from Argeș inform that in the night from Thursday to Friday they had to fine two gambling halls, the total value of the contravention sanctions being 15 thousand lei.

The gendarmes specified that at the first game room in Pitești they discovered that absolutely anyone could enter, the employees completely giving up checking the green certificates of those who crossed the threshold of the game room.

In this case, four sanctions were applied to the employer, but also to those who could not present the green certificate. For a single fine, the guilty must take 4 thousand lei out of their pockets.

Laws are not obeyed at all

The gendarmes also checked another games room where they went after 22:00. There he discovered that it was still working and, moreover, that people in the location were smoking, which is prohibited by law.

Therefore, the gendarmes granted 9 fines amounting to 11 thousand lei because the administrator did not check the green certificate, allowed smoking inside, and the games room operated outside the period from 05:00 to 22:00.

COVID certificate, a very good tool for people to get vaccinated

The manager of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (INBI) “Matei Balş” from the Capital, Cătălin Apostolescu, spoke about the COVID electronic certificate and its importance, in the context in which many specialists consider that it would be very helpful.

“The COVID certificate is a very useful tool to motivate the population to get vaccinated. Our goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible. In this way we can stop the circulation of the virus or at least we can hope that we will have only mild forms that do not endanger life. That is why we, the doctors, feel the need for this instrument “, said Cătălin Apostolescu.

In his turn, the Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, was asked if the lack of the electronic COVID certificate could lead us to a lockdown or the closure of schools.

“It simply came to our notice then. I would not like to make such assessments now, I am a supporter of keeping schools open. You see, there are countries that currently have a high incidence of this infection and keep schools open. You always have to weigh the impact on public health, the opening of schools about transmissibility, but also the impact on children’s health. Let us not forget that the health of children of this generation is our responsibility, as much as it is or perhaps even greater than it is related to the impact on public health.

It is one thing to close schools for short periods of time, it is another to keep them closed for months and to affect not only the educational process, as I said, but also the health of children, the way they develop mentally. physically.

The consequences of the long-term closure and, unfortunately, we have experienced this scenario in Romania, could be felt for years. We will talk to all colleagues in the health area, in the education area, so that we can make balanced decisions.

That is why we want the call made by Dr. Apostolescu to make a joint effort, the joint effort will translate into slowing down the transmission, the possibility of the health system to take over the cases and the operation, I think this is an extreme thing. importantly, by functioning as close to normal as possible to the whole society, including the activity in schools “, said Alexandru Rafila.

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