What about this year’s employees’ days off?

In 2022, the Labor Code, the law that establishes the number of days off granted to employees in Romania, provides for 15 days of legal holiday that Romanians will have free time. Of the 15 non-working days of public holidays, only 9 fall during the week. As 6 of the 15 non-working public holidays fall on weekends, employees who have a work schedule from Monday to Friday will enjoy only 9 days off.

Holidays in 2022 are:

• January 1 and January 2 (Saturday and Sunday) – New Year;

• January 24 (Monday) – Union of Romanian Principalities;

• April 22 – Good Friday;

• April 24 and April 25 (Sunday and Monday) – Orthodox Easter 2022;

• May 1 (Sunday) – Labor Day • June 1 (Wednesday) – Children’s Day;

• June 12 and June 13 (Sunday and Monday) – First and second day of Pentecost;

• August 15 (Monday) – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin;

• November 30 (Wednesday) – Saint Andrew;

• December 1 (Thursday) – Romania’s National Day;

• December 25 and December 26 (Sunday and Monday) – Christmas.

Employers whose employees work on public holidays are required to pay them compensation.

Under current law, employees are entitled to free time compensation for the next 30 days. In case this compensation cannot be granted, the employees are entitled to a salary increase of at least 100% of the basic salary.

Employers who do not give employees time off on non-working days or who do not reward them for their work on those days risk fines of between 5,000 and 10,000 lei.


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