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Mandates in 2022. The mandate of mandates – changes from January 1, 2022

Mandates in 2022. The mandate of mandates – changes from January 1, 2022
Mandates in 2022. The mandate of mandates – changes from January 1, 2022

From Saturday, January 1, 2022, drivers face much higher fines for breaking the rules. The maximum amount of a fine that may be imposed by a court has increased from PLN 5,000 to PLN 30,000, and the fine may be as high as PLN 5,000. An amendment to the Road Traffic Law entered into force, which tightens penalties for road traffic offenders.

The amendment to the Road Traffic Act and certain other acts increases the maximum amount of the fine imposed by the court – from 5,000 to 30,000. zloty. According to the regulations, the penalty is from 1 thousand. PLN up to 30 thousand. PLN will be subject to a person driving a motor vehicle who does not comply with the prohibition of overtaking specified by the act or a road sign. Another article provides for a penalty of arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine from 1,000 PLN up to 30 thousand. PLN for the perpetrator who drove the vehicle on a public road, residential zone and traffic zone without the required authorization. The same penalty will be imposed for driving a vehicle without being allowed to drive.


New tariff

The regulations also increase the amount of the fine that can be imposed in the ticket proceedings – from PLN 500 to PLN 5,000. PLN, and in the case of multiple offenses – up to 6,000. zloty. The new rates of fines, which will apply from January 1, 2022, have been set out in the regulation of the Prime Minister amending the regulation on the amount of fines imposed by way of penalty notices for selected types of offenses.

– The new tariff increases penalties especially for drivers committing the most serious offenses on the road. The fines related to the June amendment to the regulations have also been systematized. These are mainly pedestrians and new categories of vehicles, such as electric scooters and personal transport devices, said Robert Opas from the Road Traffic Office of the Police Headquarters.

– Police officers are obliged to comply with the applicable regulations. Of course, it all depends on the type of offense committed, while the ones that are included in this list are the ones that cause the most serious road incidents and we hope that this will discipline those drivers who behave in this way – said Opas.

Tickets 2022. Exceeding the speed limit

According to the new tariff, the fine for speeding up to 30 km / h will be up to PLN 400. When exceeding the speed from 31 to 40 km / h, we will pay at least PLN 800, and further – by 41-50 km / h – PLN 1000; by 51-60 km / h – PLN 1500; by 61-70 km / h – PLN 2,000; by 71 km / h and more – PLN 2,500.

A fine of not less than PLN 4,000 will be imposed for failure to indicate against the obligation, at the request of an authorized body, to whom the vehicle has been entrusted to drive or use at a specified time in proceedings in cases of a crime.

PLN 2,000 will be a fine for driving on a motorway or expressway in the direction opposite to that specified in the act or road signs. According to the new tariff, the fine for using the phone while driving, requiring the driver to hold the handset or microphone, will amount to PLN 500.

Railroad crossing entrance

PLN 2,000 will be paid by drivers who violate the ban on driving around abandoned barriers or half barriers and on entering the crossing, if leaving them has started or lifting has not been completed. The same will be the risk for entering the crossing, if there is no room on the other side to continue driving. These amounts will increase to PLN 4,000 in the event of recidivism.

Also, PLN 2,000 will be a fine for violating the ban on entering the railway crossing for a signaling device or other device transmitting signals, at a red signal, by pedestrians or herdsmen driving the column.

Zebra crossing

The fines for violations against pedestrian safety have also increased. For failing to give way to a pedestrian crossing a pedestrian crossing or entering it, a fine of PLN 1,500 will be imposed. The same fine may be paid by the driver of a vehicle that turns into a transverse road and does not give way to a pedestrian crossing the road of the road on which he is entering.

In turn, PLN 1,500 will be paid by the driver who overtakes another vehicle at a pedestrian crossing where the traffic is not directed or immediately before this crossing. Such a fine will also result in avoiding a vehicle that was driving in the same direction, but stopped in order to give way to a pedestrian.

According to the new tariff, PLN 800 will be a fine for parking the vehicle on the site for the disabled.

Driving after alcohol

PLN 2,500 will be a fine for not maintaining due care on a public road, in a residential area or a traffic zone and causing a threat to road safety by a person under the influence of alcohol or a similar substance.

We will pay the same amount for driving a vehicle other than a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of a substance similar to alcohol, on a public road, in a residential area or in a traffic zone.

Penalty points

As Robert Opas from the Road Traffic Office of the Police Headquarters recalled, most of the new regulations entered into force on January 1, 2022. The exceptions are, among others penalty point regulations. The regulation on this matter will come into force 9 months after the announcement of the act. After the changes for violating traffic regulations, the driver will be able to get up to 15 penalty points, currently the maximum number of points for some offenses is 10.

The new penalty point tariff lists 12 offenses for which the driver can receive 15 penalty points at one time. Among them, there is no way to give way to pedestrians on or on the lanes.

The same penalty points will also be given to the driver who: does not stop for inspection and runs away; will result in a road accident; will bring about a land traffic disaster; drives the motor vehicle in the state after using alcohol or a substance similar to alcohol; drives a motor vehicle while drunk or under the influence of a narcotic substance; bypass a vehicle that was driving in the same direction but stopped to yield to pedestrians; overtakes at the crosswalk and directly in front of them.

The change is also the abolition of training, after which the number of points received by the driver was reduced. Moreover, a mechanism will be introduced which will make the removal of penalty points for violation of road traffic regulations conditional on the settlement of the fine. Additionally, points will be canceled only after 2 years from the date of payment of the fine.

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