The Chelsea legend watches what is happening in the Polish national team. John Terry interested in being manager?

The Chelsea legend watches what is happening in the Polish national team. John Terry interested in being manager?
The Chelsea legend watches what is happening in the Polish national team. John Terry interested in being manager?

All of Poland is alive with who will become the new national team coach. The scandal related to the resignation of Paulo Sousa became and remains the absolute number one topic when the information about the Portuguese’s departure surfaced on the second day of Christmas. Now our staff has become interested in another, legendary name.

What is happening around the team is not only a carousel, but even a name exchange. Old and young, Poles and foreign names, candidatures that are logical, interesting and totally absurd. That is, Adam Nawałka, Czesław Michniewicz, Avram Grant, and even, eh, Jerzy Engel. Experts don’t stop at their creativity.

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On the other hand, the vacancy in the position of the coach of the Polish national team just before the play-offs for the World Cup in Qatar is not only a field for opinionists, but also for football agents. And also the coaches themselves pay attention to our team.

John Terry is interested in taking over the Polish national team. More precisely – he is curious how his candidacy would be considered. Agents gather research, perhaps Terry will give up such an idea, when he finally finds that he will not fit the Polish Football Association as a firefighter after Paulo Sousa.

Terry was assistant coach of Aston Villa for almost three years. He has not taken up a job in the lower leagues and has been returning to Chelsea since January to help with the academy. His experience is to help in managing and training youth. This could probably be postponed if there was a chance to become the first coach. Because ultimately he wants to be a coach.

This is not an official candidacy, as far as we know, it has not yet been submitted to the Polish Football Association.

It is possible that it is a question of whether it makes sense to send an official email. Because then the information would spread widely, and the reception may be different. Like in the case of Fabio Cannavaro, who was immediately scored that he did not have any serious coaching career. World champion, legend, but that’s not the choice.

Of course – we like such topics. A few years ago, Gennaro Gattuso’s application for accession to run Jagiellonia Białystok is mentioned quite often in Poland. As you can see, big names are drawn to the teams managed by Cezary Kulesza.

All these foreign candidates have one thing in common – a poor chance of success. There is very little time left until play-off matches, and we know well that you can watch dozens of matches, review transfermarkt, InStata and other tools as thoroughly as possible, but it takes time to get to know football in a new country. In a completely new reality.

Cezary Kulesza has to make a decision that will be remembered as crucial during his term of office. It is a really difficult choice considering that the new coach will have three days before the first game and if we lose to Russia – his mission will be hailed as unsuccessful in a moment.

Adam Nawałka has the greatest support of the sports community and probably the representatives of Poland themselves. The cloakroom knows him, if he does not miss him, he certainly values ​​him very much, and the Poles remembered him more fantastic EURO 2016 than the collapsed world championship in Russia. Importantly, Nawałka himself is willing to return to football if the offer comes from the national team.

Nawałka is dusty, there is no need to hide it. He was not “in the game” for a long time, but he is a guarantee of a great team leadership when it comes to mental. He is a coach who cares about relations with the players, so the players, seeing him for the first time at the March training camp, might get the impression that it will not last a few days, and that it will last from the date of the possible announcement of Nawałka as a coach. Texting, phone calls and face-to-face meetings between nomination and March just wouldn’t end there.

By the way – John Terry has recently been plagued by Polish fans on Twitter. Subject? A jackdaw and cookies in a pimped out, beautiful tableware. Reason? Nobody knows that. Just a fun, non-obvious wave of comments from the former England international.

Now the Chelsea legend might want to get to know our culture a bit closer. But only if Terry was really wanted with us. And looking at the moment, it’s going to be tough. And this is the case with every foreigner, even with such a surname.

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