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Holidays 2022: When is it best to take a vacation, long weekends

Holidays 2022: When is it best to take a vacation, long weekends
Holidays 2022: When is it best to take a vacation, long weekends

With the beginning 2022 year, Poles are beginning to wonder how to plan a vacation in the new calendar year. Regardless of how much of it we have, it’s okay to take it free days so that you can enjoy it to the full long weekends.

When is the best time to take time off in 2022to in conjunction with public holidays and weekends get as long as possible vacation and be able to go for a few days of rest, e.g. outside the city?

Here’s how they break down non-working days in every month 2022. When to take a vacation?

If you have an employment contract and are wondering about how many public holidays can be counted in 2022, the answer is 13.

That’s quite a lot. However, don’t get too excited about it, because part of it days off 2022 falls on the weekend.

It is known that for the holidays that will fall on Saturday, the employer will pay us back free day at another time. However, this does not apply to Sundays because, unlike Saturday days free from work, they do not reduce the working time in a given settlement period. This state of affairs results from Article 130 § 2 of the Labor Code.

So, public holidays are payable because the employer has a duty to provide us paid days off on national holidays.

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Because we have available vacationwhich we need to plan at the beginning 2022best to do it wisely. Make the most of it free days between weekends and weekends to enjoy more time free from work.

Saturday, January 1, is a public holiday for which it is due an additional day off from work to be picked up, and Thursday, January 6 is a holiday Three Kings. This means that if you pick up the day off on Friday, January 7, you will be able to enjoy long weekend.

Not in February nor in March public holidaysHowever, it is worth taking advantage of the holiday on Valentine’s Day on February 14, which is Monday, to guarantee this long weekend.

In April, we have a three-day trip long weekend due to the Easter holidays. Easter is April 17 and 18 (Sunday and Monday).

When it comes to a picnic, it is the best Take a day off on Monday May 2 to be able to enjoy a long four-day weekendbecause Labor Day falls on Sunday and Constitution Day on Tuesday, May 3.

June may also be waiting for us four day long weekend offif you take a free Friday June 17th, because Corpus Christi falls on Thursday June 16th.

There are no days in July or September statutory holidays, but in August you can count on three-day long weekend, because day off, that is, the holiday of the Polish Army falls this month on August 15, on Monday.

There is no in October public holidays, but in November it will be Tuesday November 1, i.e. All Saints Day. Therefore, it is worth asking your employer for a vacation on Monday, October 31, so that you can count on another long weekend. The next day off is Friday, November 11. Due to National Independence Day we can count on three days off.

As for December, the second day of Christmas will be 2022 Monday, which gives us the last three days long weekend.

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