Apartment without own contribution in spring. For whom?

Apartment without own contribution in spring. For whom?
Apartment without own contribution in spring. For whom?

For many potential borrowers, the obstacle when taking out a loan is the lack of money for own contribution. Even 10 percent. the loan value required by some banks is an insurmountable barrier for them. Therefore, the state is to launch a new program to support such people. Thanks to it, you will be able to take out a loan without your own contribution. The point is that a state-owned bank will grant a government-guaranteed loan for this own contribution. In other words, the guarantee will replace the own contribution requirement.

In this way, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego will be able to guarantee repayment of up to 20 percent. loan value for the purchase of real estate. The loan will be granted by banks that sign a relevant agreement with BGK.

He will be able to obtain such a loan apply everyone, regardless of age and marital status. Both married couples with and without children, couples without marriage and singles.

In this program, the possession of another flat will not be an obstacle, as long as the borrower has at least two children. However, in the case of a family of four, this apartment cannot be larger than 50 m2, in the case of a family of five – 75 m2, and in the case of a family of five – 90 m2.

The condition is also that the real estate is being bought or built intended for use by borrowers. Therefore, they will have to use it themselves, and not, for example, rent it to someone or buy it for resale.

For a loan with a guaranteed own contribution, it will be possible to buy a property of any size. However, its price cannot be higher than the limit, which is to depend on where the property is located. Limits tables are to be ready not earlier than in three months.

At the same time, the program limits the guarantee of own contribution to the amount of PLN 100,000. How is it easy to calculate if your own contribution can be 10% loan, under the program it will be possible to indebted up to a million zlotys.

The program will also be available to couples living in an informal relationship. An additional benefit is that if the borrowers have a second child, the state will repay PLN 20,000 of their loan, and for the next children, this subsidy will amount to PLN 60,000 each.

Of course, the main loan will be made on commercial terms. This means that the bank will subject the application to an ordinary examination, in which the loan will be granted depending on the repayment ability, i.e. income.

BGK will guarantee money for own contribution provided that the loan is granted for at least 15 years. Persons without Polish citizenship may also apply for it, if they are related to a Pole or a Pole.


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