Fuel prices. The Germans are increasingly refueling in Poland

In recent days, however, the traffic at border stations has been significantly greater. On the one hand, this may be the effect of the end of the year – Germany expects increases in 2022 and wants to do even cheaper purchases in Poland. On the other hand, the customers of the stations we interviewed admit that fuel prices in Poland have been significantly lower recently.

Most people have not heard of the Polish “inflation shield”. It’s just that the Germans notice that gasoline prices have remained slightly lower for more than a week. Meanwhile, in Germany, fuel is more expensive compared to the beginning of December.

German cars at a gas station in Lubieszyn

Mateusz Madejski / Business Insider Polska

German media even talks about “madness” regarding Polish fuel. The newspapers even publish special glossaries to facilitate refueling in Poland.


However, the glossaries we meet by our clients usually do not need. They have been refueling in Poland for years, some even pay in euro for Polish fuel.

Cross-border stations, in turn, sometimes even provide price conversions in the European currency.

Prices at the station – in PLN and EUR

Mateusz Madejski / Business Insider Polska

There are as many as five petrol stations in the small border town of Lubieszyn, where not even 100 people live. The vast majority of cars at the distributors have German license plates. From December 20, when the excise duty is lower, the queues are increasing.

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– Poland is not as cheap as it used to be. But still refueling is much better here – says the client of one of the Polish stations.

Gasoline in Germany is getting more and more expensive

95 gasoline costs even PLN 5.74 per liter in Lubieszyn, diesel is a few groszy more. In other places in Poland, fuel is sometimes cheaper, but for the Germans it is a great opportunity. The average price of the 95 fuel is currently PLN 7.68.

Prices in Germany have been rising slightly since the beginning of December. However, the situation is still much better than, for example, in the middle of November, when the average prices exceeded PLN 8.

On the other hand, German drivers are afraid of what prices at the distributors will be waiting for them in January 2022. From that moment on, the fee for CO2 in fuels will increase – from EUR 25 to EUR 30 per tonne. How will this translate into prices for customers? The ADAC drivers’ association predicts that there will be no gigantic increases due to this. Due to the new rate, drivers are expected to pay 1.4 cents more per liter for 95 petrol and 1.5 cents more for diesel.

However, taking into account the already high gasoline prices, there may only be more people willing to refuel in Poland in the near future. Especially that from the beginning of January to the end of May, fuel sales are to be excluded from the retail sales tax. As announced by the rulers, this should further reduce prices at the stations – although at the same time, from January 1, the excise tax on fuel will also increase.

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