How many goods and people were transported by Polish rail in November?

In November 2021, 25.1 million passengers traveled by rail, which is 12.7 million more than in November of the previous year. Trains transported 22.3 million tonnes of goods – 1.6 million tonnes more than in the previous year.

The data obtained from carriers show that in November this year the number of people transported by rail amounted to 25.1 million.

Passenger flows are recovering

Compared to November last year, this means an increase by over 12.7 million people (+ 102%). The transport performance amounted to 1.5 billion passenger kilometers (+ 115.1%), the operational performance reached the value of 14.6 million train-kilometers (+ 5.1%). The average travel distance of one passenger was 58 km, which is 3.5 km more than in November 2020 (+ 6.5%).

Compared to October this year, 1.9 million less passengers traveled by rail (-7%), the transport performance was lower by 146.6 million passenger-kilometers (-9.1%), and the operational performance was lower by 503 thousand. train kilometers (-3%). The average travel distance per passenger was 1.4 km shorter than in October this year.

– November this year brought a drop of several percent for the majority of passenger carriers. We observed a similar tendency in November 2020 and 2019. Despite the difficult epidemic situation, rail passenger transport is recovering – we are seeing an over 100% increase compared to the same period last year “- says Dr. Eng. Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

In November 2021, compared to November 2019 – the period before the outbreak of the pandemic, 15% less passengers were transported by rail, the transport performance was 17% lower, and the operating performance was 4% higher than two years earlier. The average travel distance of one passenger in November this year was 2 km shorter than in November 2019.

More goods on the tracks

In November 2021, the weight of transported goods amounted to 22.3 million tonnes and increased by 1.6 million tonnes (7.9%) compared to November 2020. The transport performance was also greater than in the previous year, which amounted to almost 5 billion tonne kilometers, which constituted an increase by 154.5 million tonne-kilometers (3.2%), while operational work reached the level of 7.0 million train-kilometers, which translated into a decrease by 0.1 million (-1.4%). The average distance of transporting 1 ton of goods was 10 km lower than in November 2020.

In terms of the weight of transported loads, November turned out to be better than October by 0.2 million tons (1.1%). On the other hand, lower values ​​were achieved by transport and operational work. In the case of the former, the decrease amounted to 181 million tonne-kilometers (-3.5%), and operational performance was lower by 0.4 million train-kilometers (-5.4%). The distance of the medium transport was shorter by 11 km.

“The increase in industrial production in November took place in the industrial processing and automotive industry, which had a real impact on a greater amount of transported goods. The season also influenced higher fuel extraction, which is also reflected in the transport situation. It also seems that the tense situation on the eastern border of Poland did not affect the limitations in intermodal transport, which was initially feared “- comments Dr. Eng. Ignacy Góra, President of the UTK.

The total weight of goods transported over the 11 months of 2021 was greater by over 20.5 million tonnes (10%) than the weight transported in the period January – November 2020. Similarly, the transport performance was greater by over 3.6 billion tonne kilometers (7, 6%), and operational work by 4.7 million train-kilometers (6.7%). The average travel distance for this period was 229 km and was 5 km lower than in the corresponding period of the previous year.

Basic operational data concerning passenger and freight transport have been published on the Railway Data website.

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