Trzaskowski at the end of the year: tomorrow may be better, Poland may be better – but we have to take matters into our own hands

The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, summed up the passing year. It was not an easy year for many reasons, he wrote in social media. Tomorrow may be better, Poland may be better – but we have to take matters into our own hands – he added.

Trzaskowski summed up the passing year 2021, noting that it was not an easy year. He mentioned the fight against the pandemic and the crisis on the eastern border.

“The broadly understood international situation has become very tense – and dangerously close to our borders. At the same time, the ruling team is betting on exotic, anti-European alliances with political friends of one of the main authors of these tensions, Vladimir Putin,” stressed Trzaskowski.

As he noted, it was also a difficult time from the point of view of local governments. “This is another year of hitting local budgets, the culmination of which is the so-called + Polish order +, which will cause huge gaps in our finances” – he emphasized, adding that everyone, all over Poland, will feel them, because local government budgets are money that is allocated to for investments and activities important for the residents.

According to Trzaskowski, household budgets will also suffer. “The raging high prices affect practically every area of ​​life – we feel it in everyday shopping, when we pay for food and fuel, we also see terrifying increases in energy and gas prices” – he emphasized.

“On top of all this, there are also very dangerous moves by the authorities on the level of civil rights and freedoms – the more and the less overt. Attempts to gag free media. Reports of surveillance of opponents of the government. It is getting more stuffy and dangerous” – said Trzaskowski.

However, he stressed that one should look for sources of optimism. One of them is the advent of vaccines and universal access to them. “This is a fundamental breakthrough. A breakthrough that allows us to count that in a certain perspective we can finally control the pandemic” – wrote the Mayor of Warsaw.

He emphasized that a good omen is the pressure caused by the protests and opposition of thousands of Polish women and Poles throughout the country against the removal of our country from the European Union. Demonstrating in defense of women’s rights or free media. “This pressure can – at least sometimes – affect even this cynical and ruthless team” – pointed out Trzaskowski.

Trzaskowski is positively surprised by the decision of President Andrzej Duda to amend the media law. “I disagree with him in most cases, but in a situation where the future of Polish-American relations is at stake, and Russian policy is becoming more and more aggressive, one should appreciate the fact that President Duda was able to resist the expectations of his political camp and make decisions that are good for Poland. , saving media freedom, our basic interests and image, “he wrote. “Let us hope that the President will be consistent in this matter,” he added.

He also summed up the passing year from the perspective of the city’s governor, stressing that in Warsaw, despite the difficult financial situation, important projects are still being implemented. Among them, he mentioned “the New Center of Warsaw project with the changing so-called Pięć Rogów Square, the green Marszałkowska Street or Rondo Dmowskiego, with the new seat of the Museum of Modern Art, which is growing in our eyes.” He reminded that this year new trams were launched on the Warsaw tracks, and pre-design work began on the construction of the 3rd metro line to Praga Południe. A tender for the first stage of construction of the Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum has also been announced. “Therefore, even in such difficult times, the capital city keeps moving forward” – noted the president of the capital.

Trzaskowski was very pleased with the return of Donald Tusk to the Civic Platform, which regained vigor and energy. He also hopes “for the maturity of all opposition parties next year”.

“I am also very positive about the unification of local government officials from all over Poland – we are together and we do not succumb to the government’s anti-self-government policy. These are not individual meetings or demonstrations, but regular, consistent work. I have no doubts that the capital of mutual trust and many important analyzes and proposals for specific solutions will pay off in the future, “wrote the Mayor of Warsaw.

He also recalled this year’s Polish Future Campus where, as he wrote, “together with several hundred young, active people from all over Poland, we talked for almost a week about the most important issues, about how to change Poland, Europe and the world for the better”. “It was a great experience – this energy, this enthusiasm for action, this freshness in thinking with which we met during the Campus is probably the best proof that we have what and on whom to base our hopes for a better future” – summed up Trzaskowski.

Finally, he noted that there are several starting points “that make it possible for us to look to the future with some optimism.” “Tomorrow may be better, Poland may be better – but we have to take matters into our own hands. Nobody will do it for us” – wrote Rafał Trzaskowski.

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